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Let Teens Tan

Oppose the teen tan ban in NJ

Lift Sudan Sanctions, They are Oppressing the Poor and Killing Innocent People

Lift Sudan Sanctions, They are Oppressing the Poor and Killing Innocent People

Petition for Swaraj or individual sovereignty through non-violence.

People that wish to rid themselves of tyranny and oppression in lawless governments.

What is Romney Hiding?

Join together to demand to see Romney's tax returns

Removal and/or Restructure of the Army Military Technician/Dual Status Soldier Program

Underneath the false shield of a flawless Army Military Technician Program, lies dehumanized workers in the federal government agency, Department of Defense/Department of the Army.

Americans need more of a Voice in the Presidential Election

We are urging Congress to bring back the American people's importance of voting.

Repeal the Patriot Act

Under the Patriot Act, the government can illegally tap phones and electronic devices, detain American citizens indefinitely without cause or due process, and now and listing devices to any household appliances during manufacturing.

Stop Harrassment From DHS of Hardworking and Low Income People

This document will help initiate the problem tha exists in this country. The abuse and misuse of chilren is everywhere and this type of treatment needs to stop..

Help Bring Kids Home

Stop torturing our kids

Dad\'s deserve

Dad's deserve equal rights

dcf dose what they want

am going to lose my kids for nothing

Making it hard for some of us who need medecine for the quality of life we deserve

People of all ages are permenantly disabled & suffer physically, mentally & financially

Government Sponsored Gang Stalking

Destorying Innocence People Life

REJECT & VETO TSCA - Protect the People\'s RIGHT to Democracy at the State and Local Levels.

Don't let lawmakers sell out OUR democracy to chemical companies as a bargaining chip in TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act)!

Stop Punishing Patients

Opiates are the only alternative for some patients

Abuse and Neglect in our Nation\'s Prison System

Restorative Justice and Mental Health: Petition for Improved Quality of Life for Prisoners Suffering from Alzheimer?s and Dementia

Child Support Laws need a closer look

Support amounts are simply too high

Protection suffering Americans from next flood or the ecological disasters!

Only the "UNIBLOCK" technology is guaranteed protection river's banks from breaking or overflow across America without wasteful spending

Medicare Part D penalty unfair

The penalty charged for being out of Medicare Part D is unfair.

Please someone help to stop kidnapping our children

Children are being taken from loving homes and placed for adoption for money


To take Obama and Hillary from power and convict for treason

Time To Honor The 74 From 69...Lest We Forget

Time to honor the 74 sailors who gave their lives for their country on June 3rd, 1969 after their ship, the Frank E Evans 774 collided during war maneuvers and sank in the China Sea.

A 21st Century Bill of Rights

Updating the constitution for the new age.

Facts about Illegal Immigration

Government Attempts Annhilation Of The Nation

Streamline the immigration process for professional workers and implement the CIR S.744 passed by the senate

Streamline the immigration process for professional workers and implement the CIR S.744 passed by the senate

impeach Obama for violating our Constitutional Rights

Help restore what our Founding Fathers gave to us!

Get it Done

Raise the debt limit. Open the Goverment.

3 Numbers Americans Should Pay Attention To

Turn of the Useless Football and Truly Open Up Your Eyelids

America\'s Police Force Have Become \'Militarized Mercenaries\'

There is no difference between today's Law Enforcement and Blackwater, Craft mercenaries

Victoria \"Nuland\" (Original name is \"Nudelman\") Stokes the Fire of WWIII

Monstrous Federal Shill (one of Many) Threatens All Americans By Pushing Risk Of Atomic War

The Water Tyranny In Detroit Is Coming To Your Town Next

As Jobs Dry Up and The Economy Implodes "The Detroit Experiment" will go full speed in every city



Over 57,000 Veterans Forced To Wait For Their 1ST Visits

Keep Fighting In Illegal Wars and Let Uncle Scam Take Your Civilian Firearms while the DHS and Congress Calls You "Terrorists"

Simple Minded, Corrupt Police Ruin Lives With \"Criminal Records\"

While Ignoring The Swarms of Illegal Alien Criminals Currently Infesting The United States