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NJ child support laws

Unfair child support in NJ

Additional Funding for Nationwide Parole and Probation Departments

Additional funding to these departments will effectively treat and rehabilitate violent offenders on probation and parole.


We could support Migrant Farmers in their quest for equal pay, by heavily taxing the companies that practice exploitation.Thus eliminating some of the deficit

Repeal the 22nd Amendment

Give the presidents.more terms then 2 terms.

Allow Pardoning of Contemp

Every offence should be pardonable

Unlawful Child Support

Making me pay way to much

Help save the young man from Saudi Arabia

halt Saudi beheading and crusifucation punishments

Give military better VA care

Military personal does not get the correct care in The VA's

Help Military Sexual Trauma Survivors to stay in

To fight for my right to continue to serve honorbly without ostracization

Ashura to be an Official US Holiday

Declaring Ashura as a public holiday could strengthen the ability of the US to project itself, as its founding fathers wanted, as a beacon of justice and freedom to the entire world.


H4 visa work permits affecting International students studying in US universities

End Daylight Savings Time in Nebraska

End the craziness of time change!

Wages for Tipped Servers

Better wages and gratuity for servers

Don\'t label me \"Agressive\"

Not all currently labled "Agressive Breeds" are actually agressive, so why should they be discriminated against!!

Investigate Washington Superior Courts

To protect the law and justice for the people

What is D.C.S.= (Devils,Currupted,Service)!!!!

They cause children more harm than the accused parents!!!!!

Child Support Reviews

Women with multiple fathers to they're children to be evaluated by family court.

Child support in Winnfield La.

Child support in Winnfield Louisiana needs to be investigated.

My ambitions to serve as a United States Servicemen

Give those wiling to serve you another chance from their juvenile past

National And International Peace Every Day Treaty For Global Truce and Global Cease Fire

USA please formally sponsor this treaty into the UN for all nations to sign and lead humanity toward peace.

US House Of Representatives: Please sponsor and pass a resolution in support of International Peace Day: September 21 of each year

Please help spread the message of peace. Call for you congressional representative to submit a resolution in supporting the goals and ideals of Peace Day.

No Sex Offenders at Ball Park

Remove the sex offenders from the ball park when children are present.

Do SunThing Pledge

If you care about the future of our countries energy security, and the global impact of polutting fossil fuels, you should sign this petition to convince our representatives to take action.

Victims of crime targets of perverts In Authority needs to stop In America

Women should not sleep with lawyers or cops to get Justice

Sick and Tired

Why did it make any difference

Give men the right to choose!

Give men the same right as women in the matters of reproduction or procreation and the right to choose

Fairness to both parents

Add visitation rights to child support


The child support office covering there tracks.

\"DREAM Act\"

You should ign his petition to give innocent children of illegal immigrants the chance to receive an education.


Father's are often left with only visitation, extreme unfair financial burden, and lowered quality of life for both the non-custodial parent and his children.

West Virginia Corrupted CPS

Stop CPS from breaking the law

Stop unnecessary H1-b visas

Theirs more than enough skilled American workers for these jobs

You sold my job to someone from India

All technical jobs in the US not just IT go to East Indians

The problem about getting our pain medication

Problems in getting our pain medication