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Serve 65% of time in prison instead of 85% for non-violent crimes

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Change the law for non-violent offenders to serve 65% of their time instead of 85%. Too much time is being giving to non-violent offenders. Most get more time than the person that killed, raped, molested, etc and it's not fair.. Fairness for everyone is all I'm seeking regardless of who you are. The law that's in effect now targets certain people.

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2 hours ago
Someone from Goodlettsville, TN writes:
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My grandson has served 19 mths and was sentenced to federal prison until 2032 he is 24 years old. He was caught taking pictures to sell of him and a child he never molested anyone. He has turned his life around he has never been in trouble. He has 2 children and a loving family. He is a very good prisoner. The FBI brought him up on charges of more than what happened. I pray that the 65% will pass and he may start over. I know it will be to late for me but his children need his support to get by. Thank You
12 hours ago
Someone from Daphne, AL writes:
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My son was given 25 years for VOPS. Non violent offender is wasting away with no help for his medical conditions. He has served 8 years and never been given the opportunity to get rehabilitation for his addictions. He has multiple medical issues and is in constant pain. It sometimes takes him two months to get the ibuprofen for his back that reoccurred due to an auto accident in 2005. The doctors sent him to a pain management doctor who gave him very strong medications and that is when the drug problems started again. He had been drug free for many years prior to this accident, which was no his fault, but that of another driver. Please consider helping. He has NEVER been convicted of a violent crime. Mostly drug related crimes, but never for the sell of drugs.
22 hours ago
Someone from Springfield, MO writes:
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Is this something that is being approved? I have heard so much gossip but haven't seen anything to back it up? I definitely think the percentage should be dropped! This is coming from someone *(me) who works in a prison and sees how so many people are serving an insanely large amount of time for non violent crimes and murders are getting out long before the non violent crime offenders do. Its appalling.
1 day ago
George D. from Lexington, VA writes:
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I have a family member who is in prison for embezzlement. Never been in any trouble before. Was given four years. Conditions in prison are violent to say the least. Someone murders someone and they are not sentenced to this much time. The law needs to change for non violent offenders.
1 day ago
Diana I. from Miami, FL signed.
2 days ago
Tina B. from Auburndale, FL writes:
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I Agee. My husband was sentenced to five years in prison for a non-violent felony. A false imprisonment charge that the person actually came to court high and stated they felt like they couldn't leave later to find out the person was paid in drugs to lie.. Charged with false imprisonment gave him 5 years, never been in trouble a day in his life never tried a drug never hurt anyone .. left behind a wife and 3 small children . He's missed so much over this and still serving time , waist of life and money..
2 days ago
marisa b. from Lyndhurst, NJ signed.
2 days ago
Someone from Winfeild, WV signed.
just now
Angela J. from Winfeild, WV signed.
2 days ago
Ryan C. from Lake Milton, OH writes:
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My girlfriend got 2 years and 4 months for a first time offense. She has never been in trouble and she has no record. She just got sent to prison on Friday. She is not violent at all. Change the law. Please.