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Increase H1B visas quota for (FY) 2014 Cap season

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Here are the reasons:

1. Companies are willing to support foreign employees because they perform well and bring profits to companies. Company growth brings about a prosperous economy to United States.

2. A late decision on H1B visa quota increase may not hurt US market too much. But if we consider many foreigner students through their hard work at school, work hard for their employers. It will be unfair for them losing their jobs because of unlucky in visa lottery.

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6 months ago
Someone from Audubon, PA writes:
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Good Initiative to sign petition, what's the end result?? More H1b issued this year and their after. Time for more Action I.e. Publish this petition link to face book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc... I hope some body take my note seriously to spread this across all job sites as well social media . This is 1 way to address our countries invitation by Indian IT mafia.
6 months ago
Someone from Woodbridge, VA writes:
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H1b abuse by Indian consulting companies is at alarming stage, it's unbelievable that US authorities have no knowledge of it. American graduates are not able to get job because of H1b fraud
December 22, 2015
Someone from Huntersville, NC writes:
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Foreign Parasites need look elsewhere in the United States...... You lot care NOTHING for The American People...... The American Culture........ You only seek to Despoil and Leech, because Current American Leaders are Cowards and Psychopathic Shills who Allow it For a Globalist Agenda.... Get LOST Elsewhere........
September 27, 2015
Someone from Edwardsville, IL signed.
September 24, 2015
Someone from Atlanta, GA writes:
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There are too many H1b people coming over and it is getting hard to get a job, I want green card and I need to stay.
May 20, 2015
Someone from Clifton Park, NY signed.
May 5, 2015
Someone from San Diego, CA writes:
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If they have studied here then they should not be part of the lottery. Their application should be based on their technical and work profile rather than a random number which doesn't do any justice. Please no lottery for Advanced Degree Applicants.
just now
Someone from Irving, TX signed.
January 25, 2015
Someone from Mountain View, CA writes:
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Remove the crazy cap for F1 students.
2 years ago
Someone from Grafton, MA writes:
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In the last few years US Companies have been feeding the public false information about the number of available STEM educated professionals. US universities produce plenty of well educated US citizens for its labor needs, including those in STEM. The number of H1B visas issued every year should be drastically reduce, better managed or entirely abolished.