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Petition to Refuse Vote in The 2012 Electoral College

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WE do not elect the President. The Electoral College elects the President. The 2012 election does not get decided until Mid-December when the Electoral College cast their votes AND, if enough of them do not cast their vote, the responsibility falls onto the House of Representatives to choose the next President!

According to Article II of
the U.S. Constitution AND the 12th Amendment - if 1/3rd of the States do not cast their votes in the Electoral College, then the matter falls onto the House of Representatives to choose the President.

We are calling on you, our Senators, to request our electors not cast their vote! Then the House of Representatives CAN choose the next President (and Republicans still have the majority - 233 (R) to 195 (D) - in the House of Representatives)!!!

If just 18 RED States agreed to NOT cast their votes in the electoral college ? then it goes to the House. We do NOT have to convince ANY democrats ? at all. All we have to do is convince 1/3 of the States to NOT cast their electoral college votes. Well more than 1/3 of the States did in fact vote as RED States and they too can see the obvious, wide-spread vote-fraud which has taken place.

The Democrats are stealing this election and it is up to WE, the people, to put the hammer down on their widespread vote-fraud. The founding-fathers gave us the Electoral College for several reasons. Vote-Fraud is one of those reasons. But it is up to us to hold tightly to the Constitution. If we don?t, then we are just as guilty as those who would ignore it. The Constitution can stop the socialist machine in its? tracks. But it is up to YOU to help us.

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December 17, 2016
Someone from Milpitas, CA writes:
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According to the Constitution, states are free to allocate electoral votes as they see fit. It was only in the 19th century that states decided to grant votes on winner takes all. That is also why our founding fathers put some time between the "election" and the Electoral case the electorate was duped by an unqualified or ethically compromised candidate. If there is anyone who fits this with their economic ties to Russia it is this one. What ever happened to the party who hated Communists and now cannot wait to jump ito bed with one of the most evil incarnate as Putin who moves like Hitler into other countries. Grow some.
November 9, 2016
John B. from Las Vegas, NV signed.
November 9, 2016
John B. from Las Vegas, NV signed.
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January 7, 2014
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December 12, 2013
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December 3, 2013
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