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Stop Unfair Practice by New York State Courts against Fathers

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We are asking that the unfair practices be stopped. The percentages on Child Support are outrageous enough, but to go by gross income and not consider the father and his role to provide for his family is a shame. If a father has bills, mortgage, car payment to pay this should be considered. A court should NOT be allowed to take money without considering the cost of living for his other children. The courts have put father's families out on the streets and have broken families apart. We are requesting the State of New York revise and make it FAIR to both parties. If a wife remarries, her income with her husband should be considered. If a husband remarries and have children his new life should be considered when having to pay child support. NO CHILD should have to suffer yet the children of father's of NY state are. These children have to suffer on Christmas, with school clothes, not being able to enroll in extra curricular activities, not being able to enjoy living in a nice home, not being able to have a nice meal every night, and most of all not seeing their father who works countless hours to make ends meet to be able to pay his outstanding child support obligations.
I am a female, who has watched the court system fail so many fathers. This needs to stop. A child's needs should be based off simply that...their needs, not how much a father makes. The higher it goes the more money the ex gets to spend on herself.
If a father decides to get a separate job to make ends meet, he is out of luck his child support will go up again! This is a never ending vicious cycle, and the perfect tool for spiteful ex wives who have everything to gain while watching their ex husband suffer.

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March 17, 2017
Andrew G. from North Tonawanda, NY writes:
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Above says it all. This is the most unfair system I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. It assumes all fathers are dead beat dads and treats them accordingly. News Flash there are more good fathers than bad. Fathers are just as important as mothers and there needs to be justice. This system only makes a bad situation worse, not only for the fathers but also the children involved. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!
March 13, 2017
lashama N. from Jamaica, NY writes:
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The children's Mother has totally manipulated the child to be against the father I see my child twice a month pay the full amount of Child Support the referee at the court is totally useless
2 months ago
Russell S. from Wappingers Falls, NY writes:
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I believe it is unfair to base child support income that includes overtime. I am no faced with working 1000 hours of overtime to pay child support and to be able to provide for myself while my ex-wife only works 32 hours a week. I can not even look for another job unless it can guarantee that the job will pay what my current job pays with overtime. Child support should be based off of direct pay, not to include overtime or bonus. Neither of these are a guarantee.
January 19, 2017
Someone from Delanson, NY writes:
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I have 50% custody of my son yet I have to pay child support as if I have him 0% of the time. I don't mind paying child support to make sure he has a good life when I do not have him, but it cannot be considered reasonable that I pay his mother 100% of what the state considers appropriate for his needs when she only has him half of the time and then I have to use what remains of my income to ensure he is cared for properly the other half of the time when I have him. I want the very best for my son, but lining his mothers pockets while placing myself in economic hardship is not good for him.
January 15, 2017
Oswald A. from Brooklyn, NY writes:
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I would love to have custody of my 10 month old son. I filed for custody , the mother filed for custody the day after ( 10/2016). She then filed a false report 11/2016 , that l assulted her 1 week before she gave birth . I was arrested ( unjustly). I allegedly assulted 1 week before she gave birth ( false) , arrested 8 months after the alleged assult ( unfair , unjust system) I'll be in court on the 23 of January to defend my good name ( never been arrested in all my life) (42 years in th US)
January 13, 2017
Bobby P. from Maysville, NC signed.
3 months ago
Paul S. from Appleton, WI writes:
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I live this nightmare in Wisconsin, this is the plight of every parent in america who pays child support. These laws destabilize families and create poverty even when it shouldn't even exist. I make around $100.000 per year, and because my ex refuses to work (she gets $2500 per month tax free income from support) both families are stuck in poverty. Percentage based child support calculations are insurmountable and destroy any hope of financial stability. These laws ruin the lives, hopes and opportunities of every child they impact and place the burden of support on the state, federal, and local governments who must respond to the financial crisis with increased welfare support. Often times, the earning parent paying the support are not even eligible for financial aid, and are forced into a form of unreachable poverty where the fruits of their labors are unjustly deviated from them.
December 21, 2016
Bryan M. from Avon, NY writes:
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Dear law makers!!!! Please make this state more desirable for fathers that want to spend time with their children and quit punishing people only trying to remain in their kids life. The gross income chart is an obsolete way to conduct child support payments. Lets be realistic, the average father making 30-40K will not be able to survive on the income NYS allows him to bring home after taxes. Courts are bias and seemed only concerned with the mother in any situation. Lets bring in fairness and equality for all.
December 8, 2016
Someone from Holland, MA writes:
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I'm a wife of a man who is suffering this right now is unable to see his children for many years now we live in Massachusetts and the mother lives in va New York is constantly taking money from his account and don't bother to credit for Massachusetts because of this my husband will loose his driving rights . They don't realize or don't care if he can't drive and get from a to b how do they expected him to pay. They are quick to take money but take there sweet a&$ time to credit the account. The mother has remarried and does nothing for these children better yet she collects the support and doesn't even care for the kids and my husband can't contact them or see them but is demanded to pay. Here is a father who wants to be in his kids lives and support them and spend time with them and is be punished . The mother sits back with her legs in the air with not a worrie in the world just as long as the money comes to her. It's a unfair situation that he has had to deal with since the days of there births. Why this has to go threw three states is beyond me. I understand what ever state child support is filed in is the state that try's to collect but once both parents no longer reside in that state why is it not transfored to the states They do live in , because of this HUDGE problem we are forced to go back and forth between three states to try and find anything out then get the run around because nobody at any office has any clue what's going on. Why not go after the mother who has the children for collecting child support, welfare or what ever else kind of money she can get for doing nothing and make her get a job. I understand it's hard for some mothers but this mother and I'm sure there are more out there only cares about one thing and that's who she can screw over for money including the state. This has gone on since my husband and I have gotten together. She's had him arrested and put in jail after she called him to come get there kids cause she had enough then decides ( because she didn't get any money from him rite there) to call the state police on him for kidnapping , he was exspadited to Virginia for this and put in prison. We had a letter from her stating she gave permission but in va a mother can change her mind just for spite and the father who is trying to do the right thing is punished. How is any of this right? Why is this happening? Why can't anyone see the flaws in this system and fix them. Is it just pure laziness ? Fathers who are trying are the ones that are taking advantage of. I'm so tied of seeing this man suffer and not be able to see his kids but yet pay and pay or be threaten by the state. Take his abitlity to get to work away then expect him to pay how the hell is any of that right? You tell me or you can do what every other person does when we call , pass us off to a voice mail leave all our information and NEVER RECIEVE A RETURNED CALL!!!! That's why nobody has a clue what's going on push everyone to voice mail so nobody has to deal with it!! This should be corrected and fast.
November 16, 2016
Someone from Ridgewood, NY writes:
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Stop Unfair Practice by New York State Courts against Fathers