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Being Bilingual in Spanish a discrimination against job seekers

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Bilingual in Spanish or any other language shouldnt be a requirement in a job unles sits a translator job, if its a skilled job like Nursing, banking, teaching (general), engineer, lab tech, health, I dont need to be able to be fluent or speak spanish, since my primary job isnt to speak spanish but my skill.

It is discrimatory, against non speakers , it is not a skill to speak Spanish uless it is a translator job.

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5 hours ago
Don B. from Victoria, TX writes:
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I have to agree. As an English speaking American citizen at the age of 54, I find it discriminatory that any employer would require my to speak another language. An ad in "jobs" section of my local newspaper states "must be bilingual". How would that work if I was able to speak another language, but it was not Spanish. The ad does not specify what other language.
3 days ago
Someone from Corona, CA writes:
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Yes, this needs to stop. I have been job searching and did not even get the interview because I was not bilingual in spanish.
4 days ago
Someone from Cambridge, MA writes:
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I agree. Telling citizens of the US who've grown up in a culture that speaks English primarily, with English-language schools and media... that because the demographics of the country are changing they must learn more and more other languages to fluency is unjust. People need jobs to survive. So we're going to sacrifice the survivability of native-English citizens because their parents, schools, and communities communicate in English? And given how much more prevalent this source of employment discrimination is becoming in the US, it is not a trivial problem.
5 days ago
melissa g. from Elizabeth, NJ signed.
6 days ago
Dana S. from Moreno Valley, CA signed.
February 19, 2017
Someone from Cotati, CA signed.
February 18, 2017
Someone from Turlock, CA signed.
February 16, 2017
Someone from Sacramento, CA writes:
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Learn Spanish you dumbass. You are NOT entitled to a job, nor are you entitled to dictate who the employers hire. If you do not posses the skill of being fluent in Spanish you lack the skill for the job. End of discussion.
February 16, 2017
Someone from Sacramento, CA signed.
February 16, 2017
Someone from Torrance, CA signed.