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Being Bilingual in Spanish a discrimination against job seekers

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Bilingual in Spanish or any other language shouldnt be a requirement in a job unles sits a translator job, if its a skilled job like Nursing, banking, teaching (general), engineer, lab tech, health, I dont need to be able to be fluent or speak spanish, since my primary job isnt to speak spanish but my skill.

It is discrimatory, against non speakers , it is not a skill to speak Spanish uless it is a translator job.

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just now
Someone from Austin, TX writes:
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I feel that this should not be listed in job discriptions becuase it is a deterant for non-Spanish speaking individuals to apply for the job. This is discriminatory becuase they only want hispanics to work there.
2 days ago
Steve T. from Valley Center, CA writes:
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Enough is enough
3 days ago
Someone from Las Vegas, NV writes:
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I am currently looking for a job. I have 20 years of experience. There is no reason I should be having any trouble finding a job. But I am finding an enormous amount of jobs posted that I am 100% qualified for except for the fact that I don't speak Spanish. Not only do I see "Bilingual Preferred" and "Bilingual Required" I see a lot of jobs requiring you to ONLY speak Spanish. Unless the job you are seeking is specifically for translating English/Spanish, requiring an American in the United States of America to speak ANY language other than English should be illegal.
4 days ago
Someone from Watsonville, CA writes:
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If the federal government does not put a stop to allowing the bilingual requirement, 20 years from now (2037), there will be no jobs available in certain parts (if not all) of the USA for non-Spanish speakers, no matter what your other qualifications or degrees are, in the public or private sector.
March 21, 2017
Desperate M. from San Diego, CA writes:
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A woman came into the school office asking if anyone spoke Spanish. Three of us ladies in the office shook our heads "no." And she replied, "Nobody speaks Spanish?!" Are you serious, lady, what country are you living in? Mexico? No. This is the United States and the majority of Americans speak English and were taught English in school, Spanish was always an elective, a choice, not mandatory. How dare she make us feel like we're the problem because she is choosing to live here and not learn English. Luckily, for her the principal showed up who is Mexican and helped her with her concerns. Otherwise, she'd be up a creek. LEARN ENGLISH IN AMERICA FOREIGNERS!!!
March 19, 2017
Someone from Miami, FL writes:
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Even in the community where I live, they will only speak Spanish. They curse at you in Spanish if you speak English, and demand you speak Spanish. Liberals are the cause of all this. Diversity means if you're white, you're crap, and you are subhuman.
March 19, 2017
Someone from Casselberry, FL writes:
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I can understand the engineer position but all the other jobs mentioned suchvas nurse, banking, and teaching are require you to communicate with the public which consist of non english speaking and poor english speaking customers and majority of these people just happen to be spanish. If you are nurse providing care to a patient and can't understand anything they're saying how can you care for them when can't understand what they are telling you? Then you'll have to locate someone that can. I understand your frustration but this is now a qualification to be bilingual it's a greater asset to companies.
March 19, 2017
Someone from Arlington, TX writes:
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I've been turned down for jobs because I don't speak Spanish. I have over 20 yrs on my chosen field. I'm willing to learn Spanish but I haven't the money or time to take a class. Most of the classes available at the community college are during my working hours and the online classes are not that informative. Time is running out for me, my only choice will be to go on welfare and I'm too proud of a person, so maybe death is my only solution if I can't find a job soon.
March 18, 2017
Owen F. from Long Beach, CA signed.
March 15, 2017
Carey C. from Lake Elsinore, CA writes:
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I say let's change this If I went to Mexico they aren't going to speak English for me. I recently was told I didn't get a job because I don't speak spanish, we'll I don't want to learn Spanish, I lived in Mexico and worked on a resort and when I would leave and go into town Noone knew English so why do I need to speak Spanish ****ed American!!!!!