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Block Sharia Law in All US Courts - Move HR 973 out of Sub-Committee

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With already over 52 Shariah Law cases within our United States Courts system, we cannot afford to wait any longer, Sharia Law, which advocates radical Muslim Law including atrocities against women such as honor killings and also jihad.

I desperately urge you to help Co-Sponsor H. R. 973 to make sure that NO foreign law (including Sharia Law) can infiltrate our United States courts system. Apparently, it has already happened! is taking a stand on this and so am I.

This Sharia Law and Shariah Finance subversion of America must stop . . . immediately!

It has been in your Sub-Committee for NINE months, so it must come up for a Congress-wide vote! Whatever you have to do, please make sure that it happens! Wake Up America and see what this administration is doing to our country.

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1 day ago
Someone from Boonville, IN writes:
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Oppression of women is NOT ok in the US. Or ANYWHERE for that matter. Religion has no right in the court room. There's a reason we have established the separation of church and state.
January 9, 2017
Cassie R. from Colorado Springs, CO writes:
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Look at what sharia law has done to Europe. I say NO!
1 month ago
Someone from Laughlin, NV writes:
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Sharia Law's not only misogynistic, but it's oppressive and violent toward other faiths: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. We may not be able to ban Islam as a religion, but we can ban it as a form of government. Totalitarianism and democracy cannot coexist. Everyone's entitled to their beliefs, but they're not entitled to change our way of life. Not all Muslims follow Sharia Law, but a lot of do, and it has to be stopped. So, why should we tolerate the intolerable? And if Liberals think they're safe from Sharia Law, they're wrong. It affects everyone, not just Conservatives or those that value their freedom. So, "Islamophobes" are a pretty broad group.
2 months ago
Atul G. from issaquah, WA signed.
3 months ago
Helen E. from Clifton, NJ writes:
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Block Sharia Law for Good in the USA!
October 7, 2016
Thomas H. from Mamaroneck, NY writes:
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Separation of religion and state simple as that.
4 months ago
Someone from Miami Beach, FL signed.
4 months ago
Someone from Vancouver, WA writes:
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This is ridiculous that we should even have to be signing anything like this. This is America, not the Middle East. We live in the 21st century, not the 7th century.
4 months ago
Someone from Black Mountain, NC signed.
4 months ago
Someone from Miami, FL writes:
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Illegal according to USA constitution. Protect us as civilians!