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Bill of Rights for Bereaved Military Families

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Statistics show 1 in 4 Military Deaths are Non-Combat Related; an unacceptable number for Military Families and for our Country?s National Security and Defense.

Each month the Department of Defense releases historically high suicide statistics. However, upon closer examination anyone can see it is releasing numbers based on assumptions and incomplete death investigations.

Although the Cause and Manner of these Military Non-Combat Deaths may differ, the similarity of inadequate Military Death Investigations and the disrespect for the Military Deceased and Bereaved Military Families is consistent.

Inadequate Military Death Investigations and Human Rights Violations involving Death Investigations of U.S Military Deceased have been documented for decades. The resulting damage from these flawed investigations include military families being given incorrect information relating to their loved ones death; up to and including an incorrect official cause of death.

Our country is spending countless tax dollars to fund programs aimed at reducing PTSD suicides, yet many of these ?suicides? may actually be murders, medical negligence or accidents.

To support this, there is an increasing number of military families being put in the position of having to investigate their loved ones death. Amassing evidence that includes, witness statements, forensic/crime scene reconstruction and medical reports, these military families have no unbiased, independent forum in which to present evidence and challenge a flawed investigation.

Please join the organization Military Families for Justice in petitioning the United States government to adopt mandates protecting the human rights of our military families with a Bill of Rights for Bereaved Military Families.

This all-encompassing Bill will provide an avenue to justice for every Bereaved Military Family by mandating the following:

? Human Rights to Bereaved Military Families enforcing assurances their loved ones deaths will be correctly and thoroughly investigated and that all evidence collected be preserved indefinitely in one central and controlled location.

? Right of Bereaved Military Families to an Independent Public Inquest Hearing where all evidence, relating to the death of the Military Deceased, be presented in its entirety irrelevant to the jurisdiction of the death (civilian, federal, Military Installation, CONUS, OCONUS property) and without statute of limitations.

? Human Rights of Bereaved Military Families by allowing them a voice and legal counsel during investigative Inquest Proceedings

? Enhanced awareness of these established rights for Bereaved Military Families by working hand-in-hand with government initiatives such as Joining Forces.

? The right of a Bereaved Military Family to fully participate and ?speak for the Deceased?, with legal counsel, during the Independent Public Inquest Hearing

? The right of a Bereaved Military Family to full disclosure of all documents and evidence pertaining to the death of the Military Deceased.

? The right of a Bereaved Military Family, at Inquest, to enter into evidence with legal counsel, discovery of all information relating to the death of the Military Deceased.

? The right of a Bereaved Military Family, at Inquest, to challenge, with legal counsel and expert witness testimony, all evidence and testimony relating to the death of the Military Deceased

? The right of a Bereaved Military Family to subpoena witnesses

? The right of the Bereaved Military Family to have all records, proven to be inaccurate, false or unsupported, to be permanently removed from the official record of the Military Deceased

Please join us in our efforts to put an end to this injustice! Please email and ask your State Representatives to Sponsor this Bill!

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October 21, 2016
Denise S. from East Stroudsburg, PA signed.
October 20, 2016
Gary V. from East Stroudsburg, PA writes:
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Jason is my Stepson and I really think the way the Marine corp handled this was a disgrace and totally rushed to settle as soon as they could and believe it's time someone from that barracks got the balls to speak up and tell what they now and give us closure for Jason's death . You say you are a marine and no man left behind then prove it and be a real marine
October 20, 2016
Deidre V. from Portland, PA writes:
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Let the truth be told!!
October 20, 2016
PATRICIA O. from Burkburnett, TX writes:
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Please help my sister Vicki Van Horn get justice for her only son Jason Pirro. He is my nephew He has 2 daughters they need to know what happen to their father Please help them. Thank you
October 20, 2016
Mary P. from Lewes, DE writes:
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We want justice for my wonderful nephew Jason Pirro. It's time the truth comes out.
October 5, 2016
Sheri F. from Delta, CO writes:
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As an ordinary veteran of Desert Storm, I'm appalled to learn that this proud and honorable man is still being denied justice. He deserves so much more for his service to his country.
October 5, 2016
Someone from Belton, SC signed.
October 5, 2016
Someone from Cary, NC writes:
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I am a US Naval Academy grad, class of 1985 and a former USMC officer. This legislation needs to happen so that nobody else will have to go through the disgraceful run-around and obfuscation that the Stahlman family was and still is subjected to. Shame on the USMC and the DOD!
4 months ago
Someone from New London, NH signed.
August 4, 2016
Someone from Bottineau, ND writes:
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the cover ups of deaths of military is massive, not only in the military but in the USPS, the very heart of democracy that veterans stand for is under attack, our Nation needs to change and honor all deaths of military even in the case of this young man who did not make it out of training due to enforced conduct unbecoming to training, training may be vigorous but should not be a death sentence.