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The Peoples\' Demand For The Resignation Of Barack Hussein Obama

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We the People of the United States of America are asking for the immediate resignation of Barack Hussein Obama.

During the course of his time in office, Mr. Obama has accomplished, or is attempting to accomplish, with or without the assistance of other organizations, the following:

1) UNHRC Resoution 16/18 was passed on March 24, 2011, submitted by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the country of Pakistan. They have since changed their name to the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation. Resolution 16/18 effectively violates our First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech guaranteed to all American citizens by the Constitution of the United States of America by criminalizing the criticism of Islam.

This is outrageous and unacceptable, because it violates the very civil liberties we hold dear. It violates our freedom of speech. It is extremely concerning that CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations, has been engaging in these exact practices for quite some time. It has been proven through internal documentation that CAIR has effectively infiltrated our government, and that their agenda is being enforced in our government institutions as well as in large corporations nationwide. All it takes at this time is for us to take a stand against CAIR now. It has been shown that when they are stood up to, they back down and find another target to exert pressure on.

2) Barack Obama has bypassed the Congress on numerous occasions, issuing Executive Orders of all types, including allowing amnesty to illegal aliens who have broken our laws by entering our country illegally. Unemployment has been at over 9% for some time, and not only do illegal aliens take jobs away from American citizens, Mr. Obama has now instituted a policy that grants a legal wage to illegal workers. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has stated: "Migrant workers have a right to a legal wage."

The agreements Ms. Solis has signed with Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador not only grant protections that are already in place as statutes and/or case law, they assure the ambassadors of these countries that the illegals will be guided to jobs, instructed on how to make maximum use of American labor law, and told how they can prevent "abuse" in the workplace. Most importantly, Ms. Solis declares that these agreements are designed to protect "documented and undocumented workers" evenly under the law.

With the unemployment rate so high, and with businesses unwilling and unable to hire with the uncertainty in our economy and Obama's inability to solve this issue, the fact that Mr. Obama is pushing the hiring of illegals into our job market is unacceptable, especially in this recession and with the $14 trillion dollars in debt we owe. The government, through We the People, the taxpayers, continues to pay prolonged unemployment benefits; add the welfare and other benefits paid, even to illegal aliens, and his policies are shown to be causing our economic downfall.

We the People are asking You the Congress to act. We are asking you to uphold your Oaths to our United States Constitution and jointly let Mr. Obama know that it is time to step down. It is time for him to resign the Office of the Presidency.

In Liberty,

We the People of the United States of America

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4 months ago
Someone from Austin, TX writes:
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President Obama your behavior has shown you cannot control your negative emotions towards our countries newly elected president, Donald Trump. You obviously think your subtle disrespectful remarks are going unnoticed by American People. You are trying to destroy this country before you leave office. Please resign immediately.
October 5, 2016
your m. from Ronkonkoma, NY writes:
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resign boi im 13 and would be a much better preident than you libral mother ****er
September 11, 2016
Someone from Saint Petersburg, FL writes:
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THE LEGACY OF OBAMA -- A TRAITOR Obama IRS Scandal - Using the Government to Attack Republicans -- Effectively Half of Our Population. Uranium Sales - 25% of our Uranium Given to Russia Every Year Since Hillary Clinton Cut the Deal (After a Russian Donation to the Clinton Foundation). No Uranium Should Leave the USA. But, Obama Goes Along with the Deal, Every Year. It Will Be Used as a Weapon Against Us. Obama is a Muslim - Go to UTube and Watch the Videos Where He Himself Declares This Fact in Many Videos to Muslims. Obama Was an Anarchist in College and Still is Today. Obama Has Dismantled our Military, and the Military Has Orders Not to Talk About it (He is Their Boss). Obama Speech to Germany - Stated That No Citizen is Smart Enough to Run Their Country, and that All Power Should Be Given the Government to Run our Lives (Basically, Do Away With Our Right to Vote on All Issues Because We Are Idiots!). Muslims Have Been Positioned In All Levels of Government (Especially Homeland Security), Effectively Creating a Shadow Government. Were you Surprised about 9/11? How About Overthrowing the Government from Within? Their Next Move My Be Sooner Than You Think! Muslim Soldiers in the US Military Wear Special Insignias, Why? What is their Plan?! Obama Forced CENTCOM to Phone In False Military Reports to Control Public Opinion. Obama Plays Golf Instead of Representing All Americans at Important Events. Obama Lied About Obamacare, Which Really was Designed to Redirect All Insurance Money to Our Bankrupt Government. Unfair Rule that Muslims do not have to pay into Obamacare, but Get All the Benefits Anyway -- Religious Discrimination. Obama First Executive Order on Day One was to Seal All of His Records - Why? His own Brother said He was Born in Kenya. Obama Did Not Properly Recite the Oath of Office at the Inauguration. Therefore, Invalid. Done On Purpose! Obama Places Both Hands in Front of His Genitals Instead of the Right Hand on the Heart for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States. No Respect! And On, And On... Obama Wasted the Deaths of All Americans in the Middle East By Pulling Out After We Had Won. Millions of Christians Died a Horrible Death. It is Estimated that Obama has Flown in 2 Million Muslims to America, With the Help of Homeland Security. They Get Money and Instructions when They Leave the Plane., and Laws Have Been Changed so that They Can Immediately Register at DMV Without Any Documentation, and then Apply, and Get Welfare Checks. Sorry Social Security Beneficiaries. There is No Money Left for You. Democrats are Pro Abortion. After All These New Imigrants, Americans Should Destroy Their Genetic Heirs to America. There Just Isn?t Enough Left Over for the Old Americans. Muslim Men Have Many Wives, and do not use birth control. Demographics Say That We Will Be a Muslim country in 38 years. Sharia Law Will Replace All of Our Laws. The Word "ALLAH" Will Be on All Buildings, But It Won't Be In Engli
August 25, 2016
Someone from Birmingham, AL writes:
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We are sick of this unAmerican imposter!
8 months ago
Someone from Lebanon, PA signed.
8 months ago
Someone from Berlin, MD writes:
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Obama needs to step down for the good of the United States of America, in Only God we Trust.
8 months ago
Someone from Green Valley, AZ signed.
8 months ago
Someone from Summit Argo, IL writes:
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His liberal ways and Islamic sympathizing are destroying not only our country but many countries.
just now
Someone from Fresno, CA signed.
July 14, 2016
Someone from Banks, AL signed.