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Create a Law for Reinstatement of Parental Rights after Termination in Every State

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The adoption and safe families act put a dollar sign on our children. As such, children are being unlawfully removed from parents due to false allegations and the promise of bonuses for successfully putting children up for adoption. Children are being made legal orphans. Children are placed in the system, some who are never adopted, when their own parents who never abused or neglected them would do anything to have them back. Give all children and parents who were unlawfully separated, who have been tormented and stripped of their family bonds, the right to petition a court for the return of their rights to be a family.

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56 minutes ago
Mary B. from Humphrey, AR writes:
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I would volunteer my time
1 day ago
Catherine T. from Cabot, AR writes:
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Arkansas needs a law regarding reinstatement of parental rights please allow me to help on anyway i can
2 days ago
Kerri G. from Rogers, AR writes:
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I think if you were done wrong during the process of termination of rights you should be able to get your rights back. I was in jail when my rights were taken. I was also told at the age of 16 I could see them. Now I am being told age 18
3 days ago
Brittaney S. from Canton, MI writes:
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I lost custody of my children due to "neglect" which is a harsh way of defining my previous situation. I was homeless and lived in a motel. The father of my children abandoned his duties. I contacted CPS for help. Help from fleeing my abusive relationship and for temporary gaurdianship to be given to the courts until i found housing and employment. When my case first started, i was given a professional and experienced case worker. Her name was Karen Crapo. She helped me find a shelter, she helped with employment search, she provided listings of low income housing and section 8 lists. She was a great assest to my case. She was truely dedicated to helping me remove myself from the toxic relationship and helping me reconnect with my children. Well, all of that came to an end immediately. Somehow, my case was given to a new worker. New meaning she was new to my case and this was her first task as a Family case worker. She had no prior experience beyond shadowing a more experienced case worker. She was very unprofessional. She offered absolutely no help. My previous caseworker was used to a mom/dad being emotinally distressed, my new case worker couldnt handle it. Anytime my behavior made her uncomfortable, she'd completely sabotage my case, by implying to the courts that i am not mentally capable of caring for my children. She couldnt understand that the stress of the case was emotionally draining for me, all she could see was that i had an attitude.... Furthermore, the courst decided that myself and the father of my youngest child, should take an IQ/Personality test. I guess it was to see if we were academically inclined and mentally under-developed. Well, I passed the IQ test with a 110%, my sons father got an 83%. Knowing these results, She asked the courts to give him custody of the kid and the judge agreed. How is it possible to give someone who suffers from arrested development mentally, and ethically, custody over a human being? Its because she didnt like my attitude. She worked this case and made judgements based off of her personal distaste for myself, and put my child in the care of a mentally defected human who still lives with his parents, who are also mentally disabled. The irony. Also, in her journey of making my case her guinea pig for her resumè, before she was locked into my case, my 2 children from a previous relationship, were placed into a fantastic foster home with a very loving mother. My son of the 2 children from previous relationship has special needs. The new foster mother was patient with him. She had experience in caring for children with special needs. (They were with a previous family who couldnt meet his needs and resigned their temporary gaurdianship). When my new case worker, who's name is Donae Patrick, removed my son from her home. She stated the he and Melanie, my daughter, needed to be housed together. So instead of her removing Melanie from her home, and placing her with Christians foster parent, who also stated to the courst that she would house Melanie, She removed Christian from the appropriate foster home and placed him with Melanie. Melanie and Christian were placed back into Courts immediately, for the new family couldnt handle Christian and his special needs. They STILL, in 2017 have not managed to find a suitable home for him. Even the women whom worked with Ms. Patrick agreed that her decision to replace Christian instead of Melanie was a huge mistake, and that she should have never removed Christian from that home, because she was not able to find foster parents that were suitable and patient enough for him. Basically, it will be 2 years since my rights were revoked. In the state of Michigan, after 2 years I can re apply for my parental rights back. I wanted to know if I couod possibly sue Donae Patrick and my local court for the unprofessionalism in the case? Can I use the Mental Test as proof of her not making wise decisions in my case? Its many other factors that I would like to discuss but I obviously can not type below. I do not want a "New" counselor. I would like to speak to someone who has experience in this field. I dont want to speak to anyone who is in this field because of the pay rate. I want someone who is in this field because they truely enjoy and understand family. Please contact me immediately. I plan on petitioning for reinstatement of my parental rights in November of 2017.
4 days ago
Danielle M. from Halltown, MO writes:
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I was falsely accused of neglect but they couldn't ever provide proof of it except the hair follicle test results which was clearly false!! They wouldn't let my husband have any contact with the kids even though they had no reasons why he could be a safety concern, they just kept saying there were safety concerns. They lied constantly, to me and in court. Apparently my rights have been terminated but I still haven't received anything about what decision the judge made. My kids have actually been abuses while in custody and beg me to bring them home, not allowed to talk bout the case with the kids cas they don't want them to know the truth!! Cps/dfs are able to legally get away with breaking laws, our rights, destroying families, and fit most definitions of an abuser!! Messed up how the people whose supposed to protect against abuse is the ones that inflict it!!
January 10, 2017
Felicity B. from Sidney, OH writes:
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I want my kids back cps has no right taking my kids because me and my fiancee josh ross have a disability and american indian they harass me lying to me yelling at me threatened me they need to be stopped and forcing us to sign over open adoption and taking away our rights to our kids
December 30, 2016
lori p. from philippi, WV signed.
December 30, 2016
lori p. from philippi, WV signed.
December 25, 2016
Kristina B. from Clinton, IA writes:
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I think reinstatement for parental rights after termination should be aloud if the parent or guardian has improved there life and should be reunited with there children
December 24, 2016
Katherine G. from Tiffin, IA signed.