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Lupron, Leuprolide needs to be taken completely off the market immediately with out delay until "Protection Law" is implemented!

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We are proposing it needs to be made law that when getting an injection in the doctors office you have to sign the most current, up to date printed out "Warning Label Consent Form" before giving any patient an injection. As a patient we don't get to see that information and the doctors are not giving it to us! We need protection implemented for our safety, protection, well-being and human rights.

We are also proposing it be made law that if a warning label changes between the duration of injections or treatment a new most current, up to date printed out "Warning Label Consent Form" showing the latest FDA warning label changes will be given to the patient prior to the next injection. In addition, a requirement of this proposed law would be that it has to be signed and verbally explained what exactly has changed and why to the patient to further treatment. The doctors, nurses and heath care professionals are not doing this that is misconduct, negligence, malpractice, and should be considered a safety violation as well as careless deception to our human rights and well being. Lastly Lupron need to be taken completely off the market immediately with out delay, before one more life is shattered.Until this can you can get this under control, protecting everybody's "human Right" it should not be on the market~! We have the right to be fully informed every time so we can also was the right to make an informed decision.

Lupron is an "antineoplastic agent", meaning that it is a cancer chemotherapy drug. Like all antineoplastics, Lupron is harmful to both cancerous and non-cancerous cells. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) categorize Lupron as a "hazardous drug" that health care workers should only handle when wearing protective gowns and gloves.

Even more startling, the Federal Dept. of Health and Human Services' Office of Research Integrity determined that the lead investigator involved with studies on Lupron's use in treating fibroids and endometriosis committed scientific misconduct, and admitted to falsifying or fabricating 80 percent of the data in two published studies on Lupron.

The Federal Register noted that the investigator altered and fabricated information in permanent patient medical records and notes by changing dates, changing and adding text, and fabricating notes for clinic visits that did not occur.

Lupron is manufactured by Illinois-based Abbott Laboratories formerly Takeda Abbott Pharmaceuticals, called TAP. In 2001, TAP pled guilty to civil and criminal misconduct over Lupron. They agreed to the then-largest healthcare fraud fine in history $875 million dollars. The U.S. Department of Justice found TAP bribed doctors to prescribe Lupron. In addition to cash and trips, the doctors would get Lupron for free and then bill Medicare or Medicaid at $500 per dose.

This is a very serious drug that is being extremely misrepresented and downplayed to everybody by everybody that is exceedingly alarming. This is chemo how is it ok to inject us with such lethal poison and then just send us out into the world and we are ?supposed? to be and act normal that is human malice. This serious of drug need to come with protections in our lives from everything effecting our normal lives a few being job protection, disclaimers of the seriousness of the side effects as we are being punished for them unlawfully. We need protection if a severe side effect (panic attack, unmanageable mood swings, exedra) happens and since the lack of information everybody is given we actually are in receipt of retribution for our actions. Victims of lupron should also receive lifetime disability pay from Illinois-based Abbott Laboratories formerly Takeda Abbott Pharmaceuticals, called TAP as we are sick much of our lives now its hard to even get out of bed much less work. People are dying, doctors don?t have the correct information from the drug manufacture or even worse it has been proven they have been in on a money corruption scam on their own patients! We are very sick this needs immediate action! We need and deserve justice for everything we have lost and been through. It is devastating to agree to an FDA-approved drug, under the care of a physician you trust, only to find yourself sicker than you could possibly imagine, in pain, and unable to get treatment or even be believed.

The FDA has received more than 12,000 reports of adverse events linked to Lupron, including more than 1,100 deaths. We have to stand up and take action since the FDA is not and many others are not.It should be remembered at all times that the incidence of reporting adverse events to the FDA, according to studies, has been found to represent a mere 1% to 10% of the number of actual adverse events experienced.

Please take action now, our quality of life now unjust fully will always be insistently unenthusiastically impacted every single day, however we can stop this now and we hope justice is served.Step back. Investigate,implement protection laws , THEN go from there, But please discontinue this being on the market until you this gets under control with conclusion of reinstatement only after all this has been done correctly,lawfully and with justice.

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12 hours ago
Tax Relief T. signed.
2 days ago
Marlene P. from Elizabeth, PA signed.
2 days ago
Lynette P. from Elizabeth, PA writes:
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I was put on lupron for endometriosis for 7 months last year, while I was on the injections my immune system crashed, I started to be come chronic fatigued, then I was no longer sleeping, my hair got super thin and came out in chucks and I lost a lot of weight. During each month while on the injections I could still tell you when it was that time of the month: since I been off the injections my body has constantly been hurting, my periods came back and I'm on the mirana. I've already had two cysts. I am now going in for a 4th surgery to try and clean out the rest of the endo that was left behind
January 11, 2017
Sandy T. from Omaha, NE writes:
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after 9 injections of Lupron for Endometriosis, I suffer from daily pain. This has been ongoing since 2011 and I see no end to it. I was never given any information about Lupron being a chemotherapy agent. I was never given any written information about this medication at all. My life has changed drastically. I have missed out on my adopted kids childhood, they have grown up and I have been a spectator. I filed for disability, finally on the third attempt, I actually won. This is more than many can say. I do not know where I would be without this financial assistance. This company needs to pay for its deceptive practices, the loss of my career and even more the loss of being a mother to 2 kids I promised a wonderful life to when I adopted them.
January 11, 2017
Jyasmin from Hartshorne, OK writes:
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I have never been in so much pain as I am now after the lupron treatment pain and sick and it has taken a toll on my life and goals
January 6, 2017
Melissa M. from Metairie, LA writes:
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I just had my 4th endometriosis surgery and my doctor removed only 50% of my endometriosis and told me it would've taken all day to remove! He told me, I would have to go on Lupron and I told him I will never go on it and it's the drug from hell!!! He's been trying to push it on me for years and I keep telling him hell no!!! The side effects are permanent!!!
January 5, 2017
Deborah L. from Tacoma, WA signed.
December 29, 2016
Lisa B. from Portland, OR signed.
December 21, 2016
Iwona J. from Chicago, IL signed.
December 8, 2016
Someone from Waterford, ME writes:
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I am very sick right now due to Lupron! I was way better off with my endometriosis pain. I have a week missing, my honeymoon is gone and all I'm left with are horrible memories of what this drug did to me.