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impeach Gov. Chris Christie

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I have lived in New Jersey my whole life, I am raising my children in this state. I am a low income family and Gov. Christie has forgotten about the little people. He has made cuts in so many areas that should not have been cut. Also with this snow storm how can both the Governor and Lt. Governor be out of state the same time. This state is a mess, so please for the little people help us. Help our state. I know that you guys are not blind and see what he has done and doing, please do not sit there and watch him take everything from us and destroy this state more then he has. one other thing why does he have a back up person if she goes on vaction at the same time. Thank you.

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2 hours ago
Lynne L. from Riverton, NJ signed.
3 days ago
Someone from Camden, NJ writes:
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Yes please get rid of this man he is hurting new Jersey he is a horrible governor the fact that he is still in office kills me
1 week ago
Someone from Toms River, NJ writes:
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I live with severe pain. And Governor Christie refuses to see the benefits of legalize cannabis adult use. Let's face it the benefits outweigh the negatives.
January 10, 2017
Kathleen W. from Tuckerton, NJ writes:
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The worst governor ever destroyed teachers and their pension but his pensions not touched. 19 percent approval rating the lowest of any govenor in history congratulations.
January 9, 2017
Someone from Rockaway, NJ writes:
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As a public servant one should not be arrogant, abrasive, condescending, disrespectful, vindictive, nor a bully. It's a gift/ honor to be in the role of governor, and one should not be abusing powers or creating bills to solely serve themselves. NJ's credit rating has dropped for the 10th time, and the taxpayers are expected to pay for mis-spent funds by our so called part-time governor, let alone all of the court cases he has caused. Let justice be served for once and for all due to Governor Christie's lack of respect for public office and most of all the tax paying residents of the state of New Jersey. This is about a politician that has taken advantage of power where he has thrown microphones at citizens, never finished supporting the Jersey Shore rebuilding, has singled out the educators in never paying back what was taken from the pension system, being taken to court by multiple groups, and now wants to stop the press from making information public. It's time to hold him accountable and due to his disregard for his role before the public. Please remove him from office before we lose our credit rating entirely.
January 6, 2017
Someone from Sussex, NJ writes:
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He is a disgrace and continually disrespects public workers
January 4, 2017
Someone from Englishtown, NJ writes:
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Christie has done nothing but hurt the people who try to make a difference in our community. I personally seen from many teachers including my own mother, lose much of their healthcare benefits and salaries because Christie deemed it to be too much for them. Many of them don't make much to begin with and rely on healthcare and retirement plans while bringing up the next generation. If that's not enough, he is draining all of our pockets with his recent gas taxes for state wide road renovations. Myself being just graduated and currently in debt from college without a job, have a very hard time to get to job interviews due to the tax increase. Why tax the only thing that stimulates traveling.and the economy as a whole? If you want to make tax revenue we should impeach Christie and use new ways seen to work for Colorado and other states to get out of debt in government and state sponsored jobs. I understand everyone has their views but to deny that Marijuana legalization will have a great impact on our economy and to many people who suffer due to criminal prosecution. If these people had legalized weed, multiple police funds would not be needed, more jobs would be created, and more people would have the opportunity to finally pursue better jobs that once were restricted due to criminal records of small amounts of possession. Please help the health of our state and well being of the future generations to thrive and be a better part of civilization
January 2, 2017
Phyllis P. from Hampton, NJ writes:
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One thing after another. It is time to stop. Impeach Christie!
December 28, 2016
Carlos C. from Elizabeth, NJ writes:
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The Bully should be thrown out ,the governor of state of new Jersey also charge with criminal misconduct and abused of power this person should never hold a public position in any state.yes Cris Christie should be charged in a court of law,. New Jersey has become one tax state that has been abused by this government the people of new Jersey can afford to live in the state any more
December 23, 2016
Chris D. from Keansburg, NJ writes:
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I think he's the worst governor in the country. And he will do anything Donald trump tells him to do..he's a puppet and has his own best interest at heart instead of the people he governs.. I'm 27 years old with 2 kids making 9 dollars an hour..I don't pay rent and I'm still finding it hard to survive. I work 40 plus hours a week to bring home not even 600 dollars in 2 can I support a family