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Remove The Electoral College Voting!

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I wanted to start a petition to remove the Electoral college vote and make it more freely to vote for president. Like the people of the United States should. The electoral college vote does not give people freedom to vote for President.It should be the majority of the votes that go to the winner. Please please let me start a petition soon.
I have many friends who would help me write a petition that is easy to understand and for the people. Thanks!

-Danik Sirotinsky

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6 days ago
Debra D. writes:
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Boy that rellay helps me the heck out.
March 11, 2017
????? ??? ?. writes:
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March 5, 2017
Someone from Oviedo, FL signed.
February 7, 2017
tonya s. from Kansas City, MO writes:
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Read your history on how this electoral vote process came into play. Once you do that, you should not have any issue with signing this petition.
February 6, 2017
Someone from Louisville, KY signed.
2 months ago
Peter W. writes:
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The USA should start leading by example - if you can't practice democracy in your own backyard, then stop preaching it to the world
2 months ago
Emmit H. from Castro Valley, CA writes:
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Yes please remove the electoral college because it is outdated and unfair! Was the electoral college initiated to help the slave states back in the time of slavery? I am infuriated knowing my vote in California carries far less weight than a vote in Wyoming...totally unfair. The president should be elected with the most votes from every American citizen whose individual vote should carry equal weight. We outlawed slavery more than 150 years ago as we should have the electoral college and every US citizen should have an equal vote in every state, rural and urban.
2 months ago
Someone from Palmdale, CA writes:
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Every vote should count
2 months ago
Phyllis F. from Fishers, IN writes:
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Please let me know when there is a petition. I will gladly sign.
2 months ago
Someone from Woodstock, MD writes:
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much needed ASAP as it wil certainly be an uphill battle