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I am writing to encourage you to defund NPR.

Our government is spending too much money as it is. It's time to start making cuts, and one of the first things to go should be NPR. National Public Radio's recent firing of Juan Williams as a news analyst demonstrates how partisan this supposedly "objective" media outlet has become. George Soros, founder and sponsor of, has recently paid for NPR to hire 100 political reporters.

It would be okay for NPR to spread a radically left-wing message on their own dime, but it's not okay for them to do so using my tax dollars. Why should I be forced to pay for content antithetical to my views? If the federal funding they receive, both directly and through their affiliate stations, truly comprises such a small percentage of their total funding as NPR so often claims, they should hardly notice the change.

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1 hour ago
Dennis D. from Centre Hall, PA signed.
6 hours ago
Katie B. from Atlanta, GA signed.
9 hours ago
Someone from Gallatin, TN writes:
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I have listened to NPR for over 25 years, through both Democratic and Republican Presidential administrations. At no time in the past have I seen the radically one-sided reporting that they now are delivering regarding the Trump administration. Almost every story they report has some form of direct or indirect anti-Trump message. It's childish, over the top, irresponsible, and so self-righteous it's unlistenable to anyone with even slightly more moderate views. They obviously don't care, and with overly-obvious layers of disdain and contempt, continue to dole out the anti-Trump diatribes, day after day. I am now unable to listen, and don't want my tax dollars funding this radical organization!
9 hours ago
Tinamarrie M. from East Otto, NY writes:
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A nationally funded public broadcasting entity should not be overtly biased. NPR must be defunded or completely restructured.
10 hours ago
Angela M. from Springfield, TN writes:
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They are now officially unhinged. They've started a new program called, "Indivisible" in Nashville all about the first 110 days of the Trump administration, and it's all one-sided against Trump. Every story they run, 90% of them, are anti-Trump. It's time to drain this swamp. NPR's shouldn't use my tax dollars to spread fake news and a one-side agenda about the administration. Kill NPR funding now!
11 hours ago
Ryan Y. from Greenfield, IN writes:
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I listen to NPR every day; however, I do so to hear the viewpoints of the liberal left. Over the past few years, I have noticed an increasingly left leaning bias in their coverage, with little to no effort to disguise it. They no longer even speak of viewpoints that are not their own as being legitimate, but now simply mock all view points that are not those of their station (for instance: Bernie Sanders, Religious Freedom, and Freedom of speech—from a non liberal). I plan to listen to NPR for years to come, but this organization MUST be defunded at the Federal level. It is simply wrong to fund such a one-sided and spiteful organization with federal tax dollars. Once my tax dollars are no longer wasted upon them, I do plan on supporting my local PBS/NPR station on an annual basis, because then and only then can we actually hold them accountable for the change that Must occur.
just now
Someone from Furlong, PA writes:
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If the taxpayer are paying for news coverage, then it should just be news and nobody's opinions, NPR is reporting one sided news and opinions, therefore not all taxpayers should be paying for it.
13 hours ago
Someone from Duluth, GA signed.
19 hours ago
James H. from Saint Louis, MO writes:
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This so called news media is not fair! It is totally one sided. Which is sad. I didn't realize how one sided it was till this election! It was ridiculous! I just wish someone could supply news without all the opinions. But if that's what NPR wants , then let them fund themselves!
1 day ago
Someone from Minneapolis, MN signed.