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Give Felons The Right To Join The Army/Military

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I am asking congress to support letting felons into the army/military. I think that if someone has proven to change there ways in life and be a role model citizen then there is no reason to not let them join. This is descrimination against USA citizens. These people are trying to better there life and that is what the USA stands for.

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2 hours ago
Thomas T. from Denver, CO writes:
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I have two adjudicated felonies and a misdemeanor from my juvenile record, and one misdemeanor on my adult record from right after I turned 18. I am 29 years old now, and after 11 years of very mindful separation from any criminal behavior, desperately want to change my life and make an amends for my actions and reclaim my honor by serving my country, with my life if necessary. I scored a 99% on my ASVAB's, and I know I could be a real asset to the military and my country, but was rejected from my Navy application due to my past transgressions. I think this is wrong, and that people in this country ought to be given a real chance to make it in life, rather than handed a lifelong sentence of disregard for the mistakes some of us made when we were young.
3 hours ago
Someone from North Miami Beach, FL signed.
6 hours ago
Mark G. from Ishpeming, MI signed.
22 hours ago
Modesto Z. from Steger, IL signed.
1 day ago
Bradley K. from Kissimmee, FL writes:
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I agree! I'm a convicted felon myself. It's been very challenging seeking employment to live a better life. How does America as a united nation, expect any of us to do better, if we're not provided the opportunity to do so? Please give us the chance to prove ourselves. Thank you
2 days ago
Christopher F. from Aston, PA signed.
3 days ago
Bryce W. from Idabel, OK writes:
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I just want the opportunity to honor my country and make up for the wrong I have done.
3 days ago
Jacob G. from Sheffield, IL writes:
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PLZ READ THIS Dear Military, Plz let me in i will prove myself and so will all of the other great changed felons out there This is Jake Garavaglia, i have a class 2 felony for resisting arrest cause i was a really bad drug addict and i was going through withdrawls and i destroyed some of my familys property. I always wanted to be a soldier. Especially something Elite. I took a test to see what i would be good at in the Israel Military and it came up to be special forces. I took another test to see what weapon that i would most likely be good at and it came out to be rifleman.:/ i got my felony when i was 19 in a small town with corrupted systems that involve our law...i wont lie everything that happened was 100 percent my fault. I took another test to see what special forces i would be best at in America and it came up to be Navy Seals..which was the one i was most likely going to go just sux and he is right, this is discrimination against the people of the united states of america...people change, not everybody but some do...i havent been in trouble since that happened. I still run now and then and i walk a lot but i stopped swimming stopped my intense cardio i had to give my gun rights away and had to give my 7ml away..its just that i feel to myself that i had just given up but i still have faith in the congress letting felons in. I ran the mile in 4:45. I had the most pull ups in my class, most situps in a min. best 2 mile run. best 1 mile run, and i ran a 40 yard dash in high school and got a 4 5 and i ran it again after school and i ran it in 4 4. Im never going to give up on them letting me in and letting people that are in the same situation as me. I look at myself as three things. My triangle symbol of nature. Eagle, chamelion, and snake, Eagle cause i have 20/20 and im really observive and i have really quick reflexes. Chamelion cause ik how to change colors for example, If i was to doin and i did that i would come out and join intelligence and the chamelion thing with changing colors is like changing colors or changing positions. And another thing about chamelions they know how to blend in, i would be a great silent professional and i wouldnt mind getting used to doing solo missions or 2 man team missions. Id rather die knowing i did the thing i always wanted to do and die at age 29 im 24 now then to live the rest of my life doing something that doesnt involve action. I want to be a soldier cause ik i would be a good one and that is one thing i would be a good leader in. Ive had diff jobs and i hated them all. Property inspector, factory worker bus boy ect. and i realize now i could never finish the job and i would just quit, but it was because im so depressed knowing i cant get on the front lines with my not known brothers but ik one thing...ik that when it comes to the military i wont quit. I would love to be out picking people off or saving lives and doing reconnasence work, thats something i would never give up on. Theres ups and downs to it cause you never know whats going to happen once all boots are on the ground in enemy territory. Like if you had to see your brother die in your arms or see your friend take a bullet for you or a grenade. Thats the downfall but your training is the reason why you are there, to cope with it and to keep a straight head and to not get too frustrated or stupid about things. They just need to let felons in, they need a proper evaluation from an expert, honest id say a very observive military person whos seen it all or well at least most of it all. Or a Dr. Give them tests, give them a lie detector******give me one... i would never harm anyone that is an allie. I want to fight Isis and other terrorist groups. But ya a proper evaluation and alot of physical and mental tests. Kinda like hell week but instead of using real ammunition for things use the paintball one and dont tell anyone or if they know tell them one day couple months down the road that they are using real ammunition today but the thing is it wouldnt be real ammunition, it would be the same things, yell at them torment them, make them feel like shit, push them to see if they go off edge. Im no expert im just giving an idea but ya Plz let us in I want to be a soldier...a hero...and most of all a legend. i want to be remembered around where i live as one of the most bravest toughest leader and motivatior a team could have so plz congress plz Read this im begging you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 days ago
Joseph T. from Pensacola, FL signed.
3 days ago
Joseph T. from Pensacola, FL signed.