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Drug Testing For Those on Welfare

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I am writing to express my concern for the welfare system. I am married, mother of one. I am currently laid off from my job, my husband is a very hard working man trying to get us by. I am currently receiving food stamps...every little bit helps.

I pay taxes yearly for city, state, and local. I also have taxes coming out of my unemployment as well as my husband has taxes coming out of his paycheck every week. So our hard earned money is also going to helping those on the welfare system.

I know for a fact, many people I personally know, who abuse the system on a daily basis. Most receive cash assistance, food stamps, and help with their rent. They are able to use that cash assitance to buy anything (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs....being a major one)... I for one, do not believe that our hard earned money should be going to those crack dealers we have on our streets. I do believe it should be going to help needy families and their needy children!!!

I am starting this petition to hopefully start drug testing those who are receiving welfare. You will be shocked to see how many people you have on welfare...that are using this money for things that are illegal.

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2 months ago
Someone from South Richmond Hill, NY signed.
2 months ago
Christina B. from Jersey City, NJ signed.
October 6, 2016
Rebecca T. from Midland, TX writes:
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It should be necessary! When I go to work I have to get drug tested, why shouldn't they?
September 29, 2016
Someone from San Bernardino, CA signed.
6 months ago
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6 months ago
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September 14, 2016
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7 months ago
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10 months ago
Someone from Pasadena, CA writes:
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just now
Someone from Keller, TX writes:
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I am a 45 year old single mother of two. I divorced my husband at the age Of 40 and was married for 20 years. I k ew that my life was going to be challenging after the divorce, for the fact my ex wouldn't allow me to work. Which of course not o or left me with hardly any job experience( as I married at the age of 22). I'm currently on temporary disability which is nothing due to the fact that I have been unable to work for almost a year now due to many autoimmune disorders any many surgeries and hospital stays. My oldest daughter is 18 years old and my youngest daughter is 15 years. I am basically living off their child support which will soon decrease after my oldest graduates. The only only money I relieve other them child support is $300 dollars a month for food stamps. What frustrates me the most is people telling me I'm living off of free money. That makes me so angry, want to work more then anything and have tried and tried so many times. Unfortunately due to circumstances be on my control I'm unable to and to be quite frank it wouldn't be fair to whom every would hire me. I was raised in the way that if you are scheduled to work a job and NO matter what hours they give you, it's YOUR and YOURs only responsibly to be able to live up to those expectations as an employee. Unfortunately due to multiple doctors appointments and hospitalization I am unable to do so. I feel like I have have some how failed my daughters. However I'm extremely blessed with how well they do in school and my oldest just received her acceptance letter to UNT Texas. My youngest daughter is a straight A student, never has made a B in her life. She is so strong willed and is planning on going to Rice University in Tecas to get into engineering. One thing I have always instilled in both my daughters was, whatever you decide to do I have you back, but please don't ever make the mistake I made. I told that no matter what their education was way may important then any relationship at this point. I said just please whatever you do make sure that you both would be able to financially take care of yourself and do well in school so that you will hopefully be able to get an awesome job and NEVER have to reli on a man to take care of you. I absolute hate the fact that I'm unable to take care of myself the way I have bee, which is living off his vile support to take care of us. Even though I don't work I have cut back tremendously on many things. Cable, clothing for myself, mani and pedi's. You name it! Whatever money I have left is ally spent on hygiene products as they are not covered on snap. I'm to proud to ask for help from family members and would NEVER ask for help from friends or take advantage of the state in anyway as I know the taxpayers pay my food stamps and I feel bad about that. I do however have a real big problem with people, and I know that there are many out there who take advantage and lie and do whatever it takes to get a free ride. I also beli