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Reforming Marijuana Laws in the State of Indiana

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I consent to vote to reformation of marijuana laws and to reform Indiana State laws by signing this petition.

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3 days ago
Someone from Gary, IN writes:
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Marijuana will not only help create jobs, help Indiana's economy, and image of Indiana. It will also help the hundreds of thousands suffering from medical conditions. Not to mention the RAPIDLY GROWING NARCOTICS PROBLEM. All in all marijuana will be a huge improvement to this state. Crime rates will lower, moral will raise, and don't even get me started on the millions, possibly billions of dollars it would bring in.
4 days ago
Someone from New Palestine, IN signed.
1 week ago
Wal D. from South Bend, IN writes:
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Why raise taxes on gas and vehicle registration to fund our infrastructure, when legalizing marijuana will do so in a shorter period of time. This is an agricultural state that would benefit with more jobs with legalization. It's time for Indiana to be a leader in this movement, why wait it's inevitable. Look at the amount of taxes collected in Colorado per month.
January 9, 2017
Someone from Elkhart, IN signed.
January 7, 2017
DeNiron R. from Fort Wayne, IN writes:
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I believe in medical marijuana and changing indianas law!
January 6, 2017
Amanda E. from Pendleton, IN writes:
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I know veterans who would highly benefit from legalizing and people with health issues that would get immediate relief. Legalize it.
January 6, 2017
Sara H. from Brookville, IN writes:
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I have a medical recommendation from California, but like a fool, i moved back to backwater Indiana. Good God! Weed is everywhere,mostly dirt weed, as is poverty... Think if the bigger picture. Medical/Recreational Marijuana is big business. Its tons of money, taxs and jobs. Its less non criminaks taking up jail space. Its mellowed out people with high anxiety. Its functionality fir many people. Its joy for others. God gave of the plants and animals to care and to use as necessary. You took the barley and hops and went all out. Let ys have our weed too.
January 5, 2017
Josh H. from Frankfort, IN writes:
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I have PTSD and marijuana really helps me ,so catch up Indiana and lets show the rest of the states how the hoosiers can do it .
January 5, 2017
Austin K. from Vacaville, CA writes:
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January 3, 2017
Katreena G. from Cedar Lake, IN writes:
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I am suffering toxic side effects from medications prescribed by my oncologists to deal with debilitating side effects of the chemo I am having to take to battle my cancer. I am being treated at Rush Hospital in Chicago. My doctors want prescribe medical marijuana to prevent this...legally they can prescribe it but I cannot get it in Illinois because I'm a resident of Indiana. I can, however, buy an Ak-47 automatic rifle..legally. Does this make sense?