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Members of Congress should pay for their own health insurance.

The recently introduced healthcare bill - The American Healthcare Act - makes it clear that while all Congress members enjoy the best healthcare themselves, they couldn't care less about the healthcare of their employers, the American people.

If implemented, the American Healthcare Act will kick millions off their healthcare plans, make healthcare financially out of reach for millions more, and will also start the gutting process of medicare and medicaid. This callous bill will be specifically hard on the poor and seniors; those who need the most help. If that weren't enough, it will also give hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax breaks to the richest Americans. In short, it will LITERALLY take money from the poor and give to the ultra rich.

In contrast members of Congress enjoy the best healthcare available while the taxpayers pay for over 70% of their health insurance premiums.

This is not a partisan issue. This is an issue between Congress and its constituents. This is an issue of fairness. The members of Congress work for the people, and the people want to hold them accountable. So, if Congress wants to pass a bill that takes away the last lifeline for so many people, then it's only fair that they should also buy their own health insurance. The American people are tired of paying for Congress members' health insurance while getting defrauded out of it themselves.

We the undersigned demand that the American Healthcare Act should include legislation that gives members of Congress access to the same insurance benefits that the average citizen receives, and that the members of Congress pay 100% of their premiums out of pocket, without any subsidies. No more free handouts.

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6 days ago
Lenore M. from Elmwood Park, NJ writes:
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Let each of them pay $5,000 a month for a family plan or $1,500 for a decent individual plan! Let them walk in our shies.
1 week ago
Janet K. from Cincinnati, OH writes:
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Does it seem a little ironic that YOU (Congress and POTUS) are "in charge" of reforming the Healthcare Act, while you all are enjoying full benefits which are much superior to any coverage that the citizens that you represent will ever be able to "enjoy"!!!! This is not a Republican issue, this is not a Democratic issue, this IS a governmental abuse issue! By the way, I am, fortunately, not one of the citizens that need to shop for insurance - I am a citizen that is concerned with the partisan bickering and abuse that is going on within all levels of government. It is time to start making America right again!!.....That starts with YOU!!!
1 week ago
Robert K. from Cincinnati, OH signed.
March 17, 2017
Lynn w. from Newman Lake, WA writes:
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The only way to make the government protect and treat us fairly, is for them to pay for their own health care, their haircuts, their travel expenses, their vacations, their houses, their meals, their cars, their workout gyms, their educations, their drugs, their very high salaries and to definitely have term limits for all of congress.
just now
Natalie H. from Atlanta, GA writes:
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If your plan is so wonderful, you too should be made to participate in it at your own expense.
March 15, 2017
Sharon M. from Norman, OK writes:
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Hypocrisy fueled by greed and selfishness is not why we elect our congressional reps.
March 14, 2017
Beth S. from Snellville, GA signed.
March 14, 2017
Siobhan C. from Wichita, KS signed.
March 13, 2017
Kim B. from Atlanta, GA signed.
March 13, 2017
Frances Q. from Bethlehem, PA writes:
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Congress should have the same available health care to them as the rest of us do, nothing better and nothing worse.