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STOP THE EPIDEMIC OF PARENTAL ALIENATION NOW! Make Parental Alienation a Crime Against a Child and Punishable by Law.

We the Undersigned Call Upon the U.S. Senate / U.S. House / U.S. Congress of the United States of America to Stop Parental Alienation by Making it a Crime Punishable by Law.

"Parental alienation" refers primarily to the manipulation and brainwashing of a child that a parent resorts to in order to exclude the other parent from the life of the child.

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Is the process, and the result, of the psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent and/or other family members. It is a distinctive and widespread form of psychological abuse and family violence —towards both the child and the rejected family members—that occurs almost exclusively in association with family separation or divorce (particularly where legal action is involved) and that undermines core principles of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Most commonly, the primary cause is a parent wishing to exclude another parent from the life of their child, but other family members or friends, as well as professionals involved with the family (including psychologists, lawyers and judges), may contribute significantly to the process. It often leads to the long-term, or even permanent, estrangement of a child from one parent and other family members and, as a particularly adverse childhood experience, results in significantly increased risks of both mental and physical illness for children.

Parental alienation is pathogenic parenting. It is a form of child abuse performed by a hostile aggressive parent against the other, targeted parent, using their child(ren) as a weapon during a child custody dispute between unwed, separated, divorcing or divorced parents.


The “Low Parental Alienation” label applies to parents who direct negative behavior or comments at the other parent in front of the child, but who regret the outbursts, worry about their affect on the child, and take steps to explain the inappropriate actions.
Many parents will occasionally engage in low-level alienating behavior, but these parents recognize that the child needs to have a normal, healthy, loving relationship with the other parent. These parents know their occasional outbursts are wrong, and have a healthy enough attitude to correct their mistakes. They may not always want to do the right thing, but they usually do the right thing without regret because they know what’s right is what’s best for their child.


The “Moderate Parental Alienation” label applies to parents who mean well; who believe their child should have a normal, healthy relationship with the other parent, but who also believe that the relationship shouldn’t come at their expense or in any way interfere with their life.
Parents who engage in moderate alienating behavior usually react to some real or perceived slight from the other parent. Moderate-level alienators have a hard time controlling their emotions and will tend to have more emotional issues than someone who falls into the low-level alienator category. The all out assault on the other parent usually lasts as long as their emotional reaction lasts. When these parents get over their anger, they stop the alienating behavior and move on. While they may not go out of their way to facilitate the child’s relationship with the other parent, at least they don’t sabotage the relationship. That is, until the next real or perceived slight from the other parent. Then the alienating behavior begins again.


The “Severe Parental Alienation” label applies to parents with a mission – destroy the previous healthy and loving relationship between the child and the child’s other parent. These alienators are obsessed and relentless. They never get tired, stop scheming or pass up an opportunity to reinforce their destructive message to the child. They conscript friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, the police and social service agencies into their battle against the targeted parent.
When severe alienators are in the throes of an alienation campaign, the child is both a weapon to be used against the targeted parent and a tool to make them feel emotionally complete. They rarely stop to consider how their actions affect the child. If they do consider the child, severe alienators quickly address those thoughts with simple behavior-reinforcing platitudes such as, “I know best,” “Whatever it takes,” and “It’s the other parent’s fault.” Severe alienators are neither aware of, nor interested in, the confusion and conflicted emotions raging inside the child. These parents are only interested in satisfying their own unhealthy internally driven needs.
Once the alienation is complete and the parent/child relationship is destroyed, unsatisfied severe alienators may continue using the child to exact further revenge on the previously loved spouse. Together parent and child can run up unnecessary bills aimed at leaving the targeted parent in debt. They can make false physical or sexual abuse allegations aimed at branding the targeted parent an abusive parent or sex offender. They can make false statements to the police in an attempt to get the targeted parent arrested and jailed. Severe alienating parents tap a bottomless source of creativity that only hatred, obsession and vindictiveness can fuel.

STOP THE EPIDEMIC OF PARENTAL ALIENATION NOW! Make Parental Alienation a Crime Against a Child and Punishable by Law.

Thank You for taking the time to address the issue presented. Your support in the matter is needed immediately and is greatly appreciated.

The Undersigned

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just now
Alecia R. from Santee, CA signed.
February 12, 2017
Rhonda G. from Plymouth, IN signed.
February 11, 2017
jimmi T. from Wilmer, AL writes:
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Just another victim...please don't let there be others!
February 10, 2017
Terri L. from Clearwater, MN writes:
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This is so antiquated & corrupt & crooked bias system, it need a complete overhaul & I will help & do it now not later,. & What & who keeps showing this down? Have been at this crap since 2002!! Get this stuff moving & swnging
February 8, 2017
Someone from San Diego, CA writes:
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Jeff A Daum II (Narcissistic Parental Alienator, the abuser) practices severe parental alienation and manipulated daughter (10yo) to say to mother "You can leave, it's daddy's turn." , "You're only my mom by blood, but not by law" Scheduling kids appointments when it's impossible for mother to miss work. Doesn't inform mother when daughter went to emergency room for sprain ankle. Makes comments such as "I don't know where mom's at?" When mother is working over time to purchase Christmas gifts for their kids. Ex-husband tells son (16yo) "get over it" when son expresses sadness of not seeing mother. Ex-husband intercepts all calls and hovers when kids attempt to speak to mom. Ex-husband speaks loudly over phone so kids hear his one sided conversation unrelated to conversation. example: mom: What time can I pick up kids? dad: "I don't have money" Ex-husband lied in court. Ex-husband threatened and assaulted mother, gas lighting, caused death of mother. Ex-husband "kicks" son out of home when he expressed wanting to see mom and child support ended. (Mother paid child support, ex-husband cut work hours) Ex-husband does not follow any court orders. Family law only cares about making money. Jeff Daum II belongs in jail for the attempted death of ex-wife. Jeff Daum II uses kids due to his own insecurities and bruised ego. Jeff Daum's family has history of abuse, suicides and attempts. Parental alienation is very real, it's child abuse. Knowledge is Power. Educate yourselves on Parental Alienation and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. ENFORCE 50/50 CUSTODY or alienating parent is required to pay a fine and serve jail time.
February 5, 2017
Alissa L. from Surprise, AZ writes:
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Here is a letter that took me three years to write.. My daughter is now 17.. I miss her greatly..this was NOT FAIR! This was a judge in McHenry County, Illinois. Dear Judge- February 2, 2017 I have been wanting to write this letter to you for a long time. I am not sure if you can help or not, but hopefully, you can give me some sound advice. You were the Judge that resided over my custody hearing. It was case 08DV001123. It has been 9 years since this whole mess started. I lost residential custody of my daughter, Brittney Drew Freidrich on 2/3/14. But in reality, my daughter stopped seeing me on November 1, 2013. That was the last time I saw my daughter, or talked to her for more than five minutes. It has been a little over three years since then. These have been the most difficult years for me and my parents, who gave Brittney everything. I know nothing about Brittney. My ex, Manfred Friedrich, has allowed her to block me from calling her, she has blocked me from her facebook and any other social media she has. The Parential Allienation that she has shown is a crime. The brainwashing Manfred and his family have done to her is a double crime. She refuses to tell me why she has and continues to ingore both my parents and myself. It has caused serious damage to my health and well being, and has torn my family apart. You gave me one night a week, and every other weekend with Brittney until she reached the age of 17 or graduated high school. This never happened. November 1st, 2013, on my birthday, was the last time I saw my daughter. When I took three sleeping pills. She found me in a deep sleep with some pictures and my bible on my bed. It was my birthday, and I usually look at pictures of when I was younger, missing my grandparents, who had since passed away. I was having a hard time the day before, because Brittney and I had gotten into a fight, and my ring accidentially scratched her as she reached down to pick up her phone that I had. She called her dad, and he came to pick her up, and went directly to Gilberts Police Department to report the scratch. Brittney told them it was an accident, but Manfred wanted to press charges. I got a call from DCFS on October 31st, regarding an investigation. I spoke to the women for a while, and told her the story. She agreed that it seemed like Manfred was out for revenge, and I was never contacted or interviewed after that. I went to get checked out with my parents and Brittney to Moon Lake Hospital. There, Brittney called her father, told him that I took the whole bottle of sleeping pills and tried to kill myself. And that I would be in that hospital for two weeks. No one knows where she got this information, but he came and picked her up, went to his lawyer, and filled for full custody. I was released in less than 12 hours, and the doctors knew that I did NOT try to kill myself, that I only took three pills, (I normally took two before bed, and took a third after tossing and turning until 3 am. I have had sleep issues and been on sleeping pills for years.) I do not think that you knew about this. I even had a report from the doctors at Moon Lake Hospital stating these facts. But none the less, she was gone. It broke my heart. Brittney and I were always close up until that year. Her father had done haneous things to her, like beatings and sexually molesting her. He seems to have gotten off on all counts. I have pictures and police reports to prove these things, but as both DCFS and Huntley Police told me, “we slipped through the legal cracks.” Manfred should NEVER have gotten custody of my daughter. I moved to Arizona on July 15th, 2014. I waited six months for her to come see me on my days of the week. She refused to. She moved into her father’s home in Huntley. Gilberts (where I lived) police always made her come with him, when he came to pick her up during his parental time, even if she did not want to go. Huntley refused to make her come with me, even during my parental time. I do not, nor will I understand why the two entities did not follow the same rules. I even showed Huntley the court papers of my visitation schedule. They told me that they were not going to force her to go. She never saw me. (She was 13 at that time, and should NOT have had the right to refuse to go..) My move was hard, but I was afraid of her seeing me in stores (we lived 7 miles apart), and totally ignoring me. That would crush me further. I tried calling and texting her many times, but I was blocked. (My parents were also blocked) I even went back to Huntley after 6 months because my father was having emergency open heart surgery. I wanted to see her. I came before you to get permission. You told me as long as it was my weekend to see her, you would grant this. It was my weekend. You gave me certain holidays also.. I never saw her again. I do not know if you knew I had not seen her in the 6 months prior. You would not permit me to tell you this. You would not permit me to explain that Manfred was not following your Decree. I went to pick her up, and showed her the paperwork. The police were called, and again, I was told by Huntley police that if she did not want to go, they were not going to force her. Brittney is now 17, and a senior at Huntley High School. I have missed so many milestones with her that I never in my life thought that I would not be there for. Prom, driver’s license, going to look at colleges, being able to hug and kiss her, etc. She will be going to college somewhere next year.. I do not know where. I know that Manfred and his girlfriend are moving to Florida. I have never gotten her school pictures, report cards, NOTHING. Dr. Phil wanted to have us on his show. I wrote to him about the injustice and Parental Allienation that I have been dealing with for the past three years. My parents said that if I go on and air my story, they would never talk to me again. I could not take both my daughter and my parents doing that, so I cancelled. But I need my daughter. She is all I will have. I miss my daughter very much. I had rights that you gave me, and they were never followed, yet they were followed to “a T” with Manfred. My parents spent over $80,000 from their retirement fund for my divorce and custody hearings. I went through three lawyers. I never did anything wrong to my daughter. Now, I am the victim. What can I do? Please advise me.
February 3, 2017
Someone from Corona, CA signed.
February 2, 2017
Beverly G. writes:
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This IS a serious issue affecting children around the world...and the courts ignore it. ITS CHILD ABUSE!!!
February 2, 2017
Someone from Central City, KY signed.
February 2, 2017
Andrew S. from Fort Myers, FL writes:
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My ex has done this to my four oldest.hoping to not let it happen to my two youngest