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Terminate a parents rights if convicted of a sex crime against a minor under 15 or to a child in their care during the incidents

Protecting children should be something every person wants to do, however there are some who do the opposite. This makes the ones who want to keep kids safe have to work harder to ensure they are safe. You can help keep children safe from pedophiles by terminating rights.

I believe a parents rights should be terminated if they commit a sexual felony crime against any minor child under 15 or to a child in their care at the time of incidents. Virginia use to allow you to terminate a parents rights for this reason but in July 2016 that changed. Help get Virginia and all other states to recognize the severity of this and change this law.

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2 months ago
Nicole M. from Hendersonville, TN writes:
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Terminate harmful people's rights.
3 months ago
Michael B. from Little Falls, MN signed.
November 21, 2016
Amy G. from Ringgold, VA signed.
October 20, 2016
Amy G. from Ringgold, VA signed.
October 13, 2016
Shayla D. from Eugene, OR writes:
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Disgusting petition. What about the falsely accused and maliciously convicted? Whoever write this petition is delusional...
October 12, 2016
SuElen V. from Danville, VA writes:
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If they hurt a child, they deserve to die
October 11, 2016
sherry w. from Sutherlin, VA writes:
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If they do things to other children whose to say they won't do things to there own children.they should lose there rights to there children.
just now
Laura W. from Clarksville, VA signed.
October 7, 2016
Julie S. from Keeling, VA writes:
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I dont think someone should have to do a petiton do keep their child safe... This should be a law that already exist... If you give them visitation atleast make it supervised... but they still should loose all custody rights...
October 7, 2016
Someone from Ringgold, VA writes:
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This should not even be an issue. Sex offenders should not be around any child at all and their own children shouldn't have to live in fear wondering if they will be a victim. Help protect all Children.