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Reduce Insulin Costs

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Without insulin, my daughter will die.

She is one of over 1 million Americans with Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease that prevents her body from producing insulin.

Diabetes affects over 29 million Americans, is the 7th leading cause of death, and exceeds over $176 billion in direct healthcare costs each year. Diabetes is a money maker for the healthcare industry. It is a budget killer for American families.

Eli Lilly bought the patent on Frederick Banting's first insulin for $1.00 almost 100 years ago. There have been advancements, but Lilly's most commonly used form of insulin, Humalog was approved by the FDA in 1996 as a "fast acting" insulin.The cost has increased to over $400 per vial today.

Novalog, another fast acting form of insulin, retails for over $300 per vial.

Lantus, a long acting form of insulin, is priced at $280 per vial.

It's worth noting that most insulin dependent individuals require Lantus and one of the two fast acting forms of insulin, along with blood glucose testing strips, and other various diabetes related supplies.

Eli Lilly's CEO, John Lechleiter, has been quoted as saying,"yes, the drugs can be expensive, but the disease is a lot more expensive."

No, Mr. Lechleiter, without insulin, my child's disease, type 1 FATAL.

Insulin costs, like Mylan's EpiPens, have increased by over 400% in recent years. Americans pay the highest prices for insulin in the world. People are unable to afford these prices, and are being forced to make difficult choices. Often that choice is to limit their insulin use, risking their lives. There is no help from their high deductible insurance carriers. RX plans are refusing to cover various insulins beginning January 1, 2017 because of the high costs. Not only is it financially inaccessible, but now insurance providers are limiting access! What options do we have? Go broke trying to afford these life sustaining medications, and watch our children waste away and die?

Is that what we can expect from the healthcare system in the greatest country in the world?

It is time for someone to put a stop to this.

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2 hours ago
Someone writes:
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I'm a senior on fixed income and even with prescription coverage I pay hundreds out of pocket for the same insulin that costs pennies in other parts of the world.
4 hours ago
Autumn K. from Gilbert, AZ signed.
1 day ago
Marlyn J. from Tioga, ND writes:
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i have type 2 with insurance my cost is 455 month this is crazy
1 day ago
melody c. from ringgold, GA writes:
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I feel the medications are all to high and needs to be drop down so all folks can afford them even without so called INSURANCE!!
2 days ago
Katherine W. from Huntersville, NC signed.
3 days ago
Jennifer S. from Brandon, FL signed.
5 days ago
Kathleen E. from Cream Ridge, NJ signed.
5 days ago
Michael M. from Cleveland, OH signed.
5 days ago
Christa M. from Grants Pass, OR writes:
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My 8 year old son is type one diabetic since 2014. He is insulin dependent. He needs insulin to live.
1 week ago
Kris K. from Bloomington, IN writes:
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I've had to switch brands/types of insulin twice in the last year due to insurance companies not covering them which always manages to mess us my sugar numbers in the process. We've also, as of 2017, had to stop insuring my husband so we can continue to afford insurance for me as well as covering out out-of-pocket expenses which are much higher now.