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Moorish-American Nationality

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The National Association of Indigeneous Moorish-Americans was organized to promote the formal acknowledgement of the fact that whether the African-American is originally from the continent of Africa, North America, or the Islands, they were indeed tribal people, and indigeneous to their lands of orgin. In light of the fact that African-Americans have been catagorically and systematically disfranchised through the agencies of imperalism,and temporary voting rights,
a constitutionally organized network of Moorish-Americans as a federally recognized automous body of indigeneous Americans should be a viable option for African-Americans who wish to restablish or claim their tribal roots.

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1 day ago
Latisha H. from Woodbridge, VA writes:
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I, Latisha S. Hawkins, descendant of the Lumbee and Aninyunwiya (Cherokee) tribes of North Carolina, am an Indigenous N. American and am not the corporate fiction "LATISHA S. HAWKINS". I am not a U.S.14th AMENDMENT slave. I am a living, natural, Divine being and am not BLACK, AFRICAN-AMERICAN, *****, OR COLORED. This is my public proclamation.
4 days ago
Someone from Tulsa, OK writes:
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I can't wait to be nationalized and become a Moor citizen because I know in my heart that I am not from Africa Maybe ok ancient bloodline but I am indigenous to this land and I know that in my heart.
5 days ago
Armando S. from Phoenix, AZ writes:
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How do I go about reclaiming My Moorish Nationality? If any knows the answer to my question please fill free to help me out. Thanks and Peace?
just now
Adonai Haile Dey™ from Pasadena, CA writes:
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For The Record On The Record: I Am Adonai Haile Dey™ , A TLC 13Love Community™ Private Member Associate not corporate fiction. 9.13 I Am that I Am and that's All that I Am, for those who don't like me, confidentially I Am don't give a damn. I Am Adonai Haile Dey™ A True Moor giving My Declaration of TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE independence amongst Moors Divine MOVEMENT with Abundance, Land, and TMH's prosperity. I Am Adonai Haile Dey??, I Am Not a US citizen I Am Not a Federal citizen I Am Not a domestic citizen I Am Non Resident Alien I Am Foreign to the US Sentient Being in flesh not Fictitious I Am Freeman I'm not affiliated with No Hate Groups or Lawless people. This is My Public Proclamation, I'm for Law & Order & follow TMH's Laws & Order
1 week ago
Lateral Bucky M. from Bear, DE writes:
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Moors are the real land owners all over the world and the Americas are the hidden home of the Moors from no European know of the Moorish home till after colon was buy here to our Al Morocco you call America
January 8, 2017
Billina P. from Harrisburg, PA writes:
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I am Billina Palermo, I am a indigenous Moor - American National. I am not a U.S. 14TH Amendment citizen, I am not the corporate fiction " BILLINA PALERMO" . I here by proclaim my indigenous Moor-American National Status . I am NOT Black ; African-American ; ***** or Colored, I am Not a U.S. Corporate citizen.
January 5, 2017
Jatone /aka.Raja M. from Cincinnati, OH writes:
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Jatone d. Monday is now © Raja yahone Zairiphic ™ AA222141 1/5/2017 ©Zairiphic Angelical wear AA222141 ™ ©The Hand of Zairiphic ™ Zairiphic wear productions ™ Zairiphic National institute ™ CEO : Raja yahone Zairiphic ™ pslams 82:6
January 5, 2017
Menelik B. from Columbus, GA writes:
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I want to claim what's rightfully mine I want to reposition my self in my country as a moorish American and get my nationality card and be a productive citizen
January 5, 2017
Tracey H. from Columbus, GA writes:
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I, Tracey Holcombe-Bey declare my Nationality as Moorish-American...I need to know the proper steps to be recognized by the Gov't In which I live.
January 4, 2017
Reuel B. from Mankato, MN writes:
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How do I get my nationality card?