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Currently over 140 million Americans have chronic pain. Since the implementation of the CDC Guidelines and the government's war on drugs, innocent people are being hurt. Over 120 million people used opioids for chronic pain in 2014 responsibly, without abusing or selling them, and keeping them out of the hands of children. Many people are contemplating suicide as a means to an end of their pain. Stop the injustice for these 120 million Americans today. Exempt chronic pain patients from the scrutiny and inhumanity associated with the laws created for those who may be abusing drugs. Let the doctors practice medicine as they see fit, not according to a non-specific percentage mandated by the FDA. Medical decisions must be left to the doctor and patient. The government cannot put false limits on the amount of medication it takes to prevent avoidable decline and death due to pain. The only way to make a dent on the Heroin Epidemic is to go after the source, not innocent victims.

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January 13, 2017
Bobby P. from Maysville, NC signed.
January 6, 2017
Nicole S. from Longview, WA writes:
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The problem is heroin, not the patient with chronic pain. I was on pain medication for a very long time and never found myself looking for illegal drugs when I was done. It's not a gateway drug. People need to take responsibility and realize their children that die from overdose were drug addict before they ever started taking medication and leave people with chronic pain alone. They need their medication!! It's become ridiculous!!!! I've had numerous surgeries and it's like pulling teeth to have to get any refills of pain mess. You're treated by medical staff like you're some sort of vermin now, it's humiliating to ask and it shouldn't be that way!!
just now
Robert D. from New Milford, CT writes:
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Three times more people die each year from alcohol related issues than from opioids. Drunk drivers kill thousands of innocent people. Shouldn't alcohol be restricted? Oh yea...we tried that already
December 10, 2016
virginia h. from Chesapeake, VA signed.
December 5, 2016
David H. from Mesa, AZ writes:
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The opioid epidemic is devastating indeed .... but does CDC have the right culprit? The Pain News Network published this: Fentanyl & Heroin Changing U.S. Opioid Epidemic November 19, 2016 By Pat Anson, Editor A prominent Alabama physician says the U.S. opioid epidemic has changed so profoundly in the last 3 years that a serious reconsideration of government policy is needed. STEFAN KERTESZ, MD states that "“Heroin and fentanyl have come to dominate an escalating epidemic of lethal opioid overdose, while opioids commonly obtained by prescription play a minor role,” Kertesz wrote in a commentary published in the journal Substance Abuse. Kertesz says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relied on faulty data and failed to address the changing nature of opioid abuse when it released its opioid prescribing guidelines in March. Since then, many pain patients have reported their opioid doses have been lowered or discontinued, while some have been discharged by their physicians and forced to seek treatment elsewhere. He likened the situation to Pontius Pilate washing his hands.
2 months ago
Someone from Alvin, TX writes:
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Stop abusing grandparents for younger adults that become addicted Taking away from us will only promote a new drug for them.