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Remove Attorney General Loretta Lynch from office!

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We the People would like Attorney General Loretta Lynch removed from office She has shown a total disregard for the constitution. A total lack of acknowledgment of what the American people want. She is using her office to spit the American people rather than unify them. Racial and sexual tensions are at a all time high. Her department is the cause of much of it. It is almost like it by design that the American people are being pushed into more and more violence.

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2 days ago
Sharon C. from Houston, TX writes:
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Loretta lynch your services is no longer needed
3 days ago
Sharon J. from Phenix City, AL writes:
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She has no more business there kick herbout
4 days ago
Someone from Minneapolis, MN writes:
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Chicago Police put their lives on the line every day!They should be Commended for their service! Not chastised and expected to serve and protect handcuffed!! Lynch accuses them of using "excessive force" in a War Zone?!! This woman is oblivious to the people!!!
5 days ago
Someone from Hamburg, NJ writes:
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We are the United States. This means that the laws are equal for all. I am tired of being considered being racist because I believe all people should follow the laws equally. Just because you are a minority doesn't mean you should not be held responsible for breaking the law. Enough is enough if she can't treat everyone equal (equal rights) than she is no longer capable of holding the position of Attorney General.
just now
Someone from Theodore, AL signed.
just now
Someone from Plano, TX writes:
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She's a liar. Get her gone!
January 10, 2017
from Mobile, AL writes:
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You guys can't even form a petition with proper English? Whoever wrote this must have a 6th grade education.
January 9, 2017
Someone from Plainsboro, NJ writes:
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Remove her!!
January 8, 2017
Diane S. from Spring Hill, FL writes:
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I dislike Loretta Lynch intensely and I personally believe that she is an extremely dishonest person. I'm hoping and praying that we will get this woman out of any office where her decision might have an impact on the American people she is supposed to be serving. Let's get RID of her ASAP!
January 2, 2017
Someone from Bellevue, WA writes:
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Drain the swamp!