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Get rid of Paul Ryan

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Someone who will not support peoples choice for president of it United States Donald Trump

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9 hours ago
Someone from Paradise, CA writes:
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Remove Paul Ryan and replace him with someone who will support the POTUS we elected into office. Ryan and his GOP incompetents had 8 yrs to come up with a viable alternative and He even bragged he would deliver - NOT!!! It is now clear he had no intention of delivering. We the American people deserve better.
10 hours ago
Richard C. from Pfafftown, NC writes:
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Get rid of the "old school" pendants....Republican Ryan is worse than any Democrats. Enemy is in sheep's clothing. Vote our or impeach any Republican Senator/Representative that will no openly support the people's choice: President Donald Trump.
13 hours ago
Nicholas W. from Hixson, TN writes:
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He is a cancer on what's left of your names.
17 hours ago
Sam S. from Van Nuys, CA writes:
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I'm a conservative and voted for trump but not even I can stand him
1 day ago
Someone from Castle Rock, CO writes:
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We need a new Speaker who puts the people's interests first and has no animosity toward President Trump aligned with his goals.
1 day ago
Someone from Rosharon, TX writes:
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Get rid of Obama Lite and that weasel, Paul Ryan! Let's face it now, the government needs the People far more than we need them. WE ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT IT! They work one week out of the month and suck the tax money like it's going out of style! WHAT ARROGANT NOTHINGS THIS CONGRESS IS! Our President is NOT being served well and neither are the American people!!! Thoroughly disgusted!!! So they want to keep the money collected from Obama Care. They and the insurance companies are greedy and VERY unpatriotic. All they care about is their power and their contacts, their business, their protection and the HELL WITH US!!! There is a price to pay for biting the hand that feed you. Of course, the Democratic side of you is busily getting rid of the only thing the American people have - the vote. By giving illegal aliens status as voters, intentionally, it must water down the American vote. WE ARE ANGRY!!! FORGET REPLACEMENT, REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW!~!!!!!!!!!
1 day ago
Someone from Pittsburgh, PA writes:
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Boo! Paul Ryan did not deliver! Ryan's performance is shameful and "lameful" (new word)! He should resign or be ousted! If Paul Ryan was a CEO, he would have been removed already! President Trump can get the job done! He does not need ineffective goofs like Ryan muddying the waters!
1 day ago
Andrew W. from Huntersville, NC writes:
Quotation mark icon What the hell is Trump thinking? I would not trust Paul Ryan if you gave him a human soul
2 days ago
Dan D. from Daytona Beach, FL writes:
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I voted for Donald Trump to be are president. I would not vote for you Paul Ryan, so either get on board with are president or be removed from your position.
3 days ago
Someone from Port Townsend, WA writes:
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Ryan is ineffective in working with even his own side --the GOP. He sent the healthcare bill off without getting input and support. He is a know it all and a terrible leader.