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Open internship option to H4 dependent children during college study.

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? This will help businesses to utilize US trained fresh talent pool at minimal cost.
? This will also help USCIS/ DHS economically when they file their change of status to EAD.
? Children of H1B holders don't have any scholarship option in any federal / state university, just because their priority date is not current though their parents have been contributing in the growth of US economy for close to a decade.
? Many of them aspire to pursue prolonged process of medicine education but are forced to quit because many of them pay international / ?out-of-state? tuition fee, even though their parents have been paying federal and state tax for many years.

Allow EAD for dependent children on H4 visa - Considering that undocumented children get deportation relief and EAD on DACA (as they should), while dependent children on H4 visa just age out and have to move into F1 and H1 visas (and to further endless queues) to continue to live in USA with their families. These children mostly tend to have lived most of their lives here and really know no other country as well as USA, They all tend to be well educated and would contribute economically if provided EAD. This would also help them to partly fund their higher education cost. At the moment, the entire educational cost is borne by the single employed H1B parent, since these children are not eligible for scholarships of federal student loans.

Please help them by opening internship options to them during their college study. They are like your kids and they also need some support to pursue American DREAM.

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4 hours ago
Someone from Hugo, MN writes:
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Having a son who is going to face this exact situation in a year, I'm wholeheartedly adding my name to this petition. We've been here for over ten years, paying into the federal, state, social security and medicare systems as any legal resident should. The current system of aging out children of folks waiting for their priority dates to become current would definitely fall under cruel and unusual punishment, for a crime these kids did not commit. Being ineligible for any sort of federal or state-level tuition aid does hurt the bottom line of many families, even high earners. Families on H1B that are waiting for priority dates to become current have contributed to American society, and it is high time that the government recognizes our contributions and accepts us, just like our local communities do.
8 hours ago
Murali Prasad from Dunlap, IL signed.
23 hours ago
Someone from Cumming, GA signed.
23 hours ago
Someone from Frisco, TX writes:
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H4 EAD for Kids will greatly help for kids who are living in USA for the past 10+ years and are waiting in the green card waiting line. My Son is 18+ .He is a in HS and got accepted in 3 colleges .He scored a GPA of 3.75 and 2260 in SAT . But he is in a very miserable situation .He received letters from colleges saying he is eligible for full tuition waivers , if he had her GC . Its very hard to convince the kids from being dippressed . He always asks me the same question , how long am I going to be like this ? As he hears that all her friends are going to good colleges even with lesser scores and he has to look for cheaper college , he keeps getting more and more dippressed. The worst part , which I have not disclosed to er is about the age out . I am not sure , if he can absorb that .
1 day ago
Someone from Saint Louis, MO writes:
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I request to grant EAD for kids of legal immigrants and consider them as In-state for college education, as the kids are in US for most of their childhood years and educated in USA from elementary / Middle to High school. Not to forget that the legal parents paid taxes to the government living in a backlogged queue to be a permanent resident for more than a decade. This will help the kids of legal immigrant community to contribute to the economy after the education.
just now
Someone from Nashua, NH signed.
1 day ago
Someone from Dublin, CA writes:
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Please do something for the aging out H4 Kids. They need no to go through the same hurdle which currently the parents are facing if they don't get EAD due to the long wait times in EB Categories.
1 day ago
Birendra S. from Parker, CO signed.
1 day ago
Someone from Irving, TX writes:
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Please grant EAD to H4 kids and allow them to be part of parents Green Card after they cross 18 years.
1 day ago
Someone from Billerica, MA writes:
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This is a very valid ask. Please give EAD to H4 kids that are aging out and freeze their age, as the delay is happening due to flaws in the process