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to remove president obama out of office

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yes obama has done many things illegal . he thinks he is above the law . he wont pay for mialtary of our country till he get big money for iraq . so congress gves him blank check and he writes out 150 billion . he is also not from this country . he has many aliases and . he is a communist . hes letting people in here illlegally givin them free every thing andnot checking and vetting them for diseases . dont know i think he wants to kill america off and actially . i think he is behind th ewhole take over with all the illegal immigrants goign to all countries . yes he wants to take over the world . he is muslim brotherhood . he is isis and iraq . he is not an american citizen . he has many social security number s and was a foreign student . so him even trying to be president is rediculous . he isnt born here . he is a muslim . who know s what country that boy was born in . are who his dad is . he is ruining america and should be in gitmo bay where he is constantly letting peoplle out . him and hialry and bengazi , they all let those men die thatw as from our country , so as to let isis gt guns . he sends our soldiers over there and teaches them to fight , they just do it for money then when its time to fight they leave guns walk away and isis has more guns . its true even a child could figure if they read alllthe thing s. hilary should be put in the hsopital for alzheimers and if she doesnt have it she should be taken to gitmo too and stay for life . and so should lynch . amen laurel traylor

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January 13, 2017
Bobby P. from Maysville, NC signed.
October 12, 2016
Noy G. from Glen Ellyn, IL signed.