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We the people are asking to NOT allow Syrian refugees into the United States, we need to vet the immigrants, to make sure there are NO terrorists within them. We are already overwhelmed with immigrants coming over the border, its time to stop. Our people cannot take on the burden of supporting and financing a path to America.

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January 10, 2017
Mike R. from Alexandria, VA writes:
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There are very small numbers of terrorists coming into the countries with the refugees. These people need our help and your are bigots if you think otherwise
January 4, 2017
Someone from Toledo, OH signed.
December 31, 2016
S M. from Redford, MI writes:
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These refugees need a safe zone in the middle east. The last thing they need is culture shock
December 24, 2016
Someone from Livermore, CA writes:
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There are Thousands of Homeless here in America, we do Not want to Take care of some other Countries Poeple, why should we try to save other people when we can't even save ourselves, it's very clear to us that this so-called people appointed government, is absolutely not for We the People, you are purposely bringing these people over here and we know it...Thanks Alot for spitting in our faces, our ancestors are rolling around in their graves right now, I hope one day the people take a stand against you and bring you down to your knees where you belong. Quanah Parker's great-great-granddaughter here, Comanche & Proud
December 21, 2016
john s. from Bellingham, WA writes:
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no more. they wont go back when fighting over. fighting age men will not fight for their own country, then expect us to change our ways to and support them.
December 21, 2016
Someone from Sacramento, CA writes:
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This is the third Christmas in my 62 years that I will not go shopping because of the danger of terrorists attacks. With the import of more refugees into the US, Americans are not safe. We need to stop all refugees. We are not responsible for the world and our tax dollars need to support our country, our roads, our police, our EMS and our aging population. We cannot afford these people and the problems they bring with them. They will be nothing but a bottomless pit of tax dollars. I want this stopped. Lets take care of our VETS first!!!!
1 month ago
Larisa G. from San Bruno, CA signed.
December 6, 2016
Someone from Tulsa, OK writes:
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Absolutely no more, it is ridiculous when you look abroad to Germany and France and have the idiocy to believe that there are none under the umbrella of refugee status that might bare ill will to the west and to any religion that is not Islam.
December 1, 2016
Someone from Anoka, MN writes:
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homeless veterans before refugees
November 30, 2016
Kimone J. from Thousand Oaks, CA writes:
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No more refugees! My god what are you doing to your own people! They are getting preferential treatment by our schools and universities! I've lived here all my life and have paid and these people are getting better treatment than my children. They don't appreciate it either, they drain this country and its people. Stop letting them in!