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Forgive all student debt accrued through the University of Phoenix

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University of Phoenix is a for profit school that has profited on the backs on lower-middle class citizens looking to get a higher education to provide for their families. UoP also takes advantage of veterans seeking a higher education.

Their school is NOT accredited and potential employers laugh at these degrees. Students come out of that school with crushing debt and a useless degree.

I am asking Congress and the White House to forgive all student debt accrued through the University of Phoenix and either shut this school down, or hold them to much more stringent academics before allowing 1 more cent of money to be granted to a potential UOP student for tuition.

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1 hour ago
Cassie L. from Fulton, NY writes:
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Ridiculous, they are worthless! Between them being fake and the debt tripling .
1 hour ago
Leah B. from Aurora, CO signed.
1 hour ago
Someone from Green Bay, WI signed.
just now
Someone from Elmendorf, TX writes:
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I was told one price and was charged another.. It was 3 times higher and I think it even went up a few times. It was sold off to a few banks and ended up back in the hands of BOA.. When I say what collage I went to- I am laughed at.. Its not ACCREITED as I was told- and as shown on TV.. I feel let down that having this degree and not being able to use it. If I wanted to continue my education I can not transfer the credits to any other college. You have to attend UOP and the set up for classes after the Associates Degree is not fair to the individuals that are attending..
4 hours ago
David B. from Minot, ND writes:
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Look......I simply just want to pay back the money I borrowed.....I was not held at gunpoint when I signed all the paperwork....I jumped in, eager to learn and go to school again....I had no direction, was told that "Going back to school would be the BEST thing for me"....well it didn't work out....I went through some personal issues, and had no job.....Now that I earn income, i WANT to pay the penny....what I's the right thing to do....HOWEVER all the late fees, and punishments......and see what I initially owe TRIPLE in debt, is what bothers me the's like walking up a sandy dune....taking three steps, and gaining only a foot...
8 hours ago
Someone from Santa Cruz, CA signed.
19 hours ago
Robert C. from San Elizario, TX writes:
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I obtained my Masters degree there and cannot use it to obtain any job. It's sad that this University takes advantage of people and we end up with large amounts of student debt. I want my money's worth
21 hours ago
Jason C. from Kansas City, MO writes:
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21 hours ago
aracelli a. from Tacoma, WA signed.
1 day ago
Someone from Hamlet, NC signed.