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Support I140 EAD and AOS for Highly Skilled Immigrants

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Allow ?Pre-Register? where employees who have approved labor and I-140 would be able to gain benefits of adjustment of status even when the dates are not current. Skilled employees would be able to switch jobs, apply for EAD and advance parole and also not have to worry about the new job being the same or similar.

Make it possible to port the green-card petition from one employer to another so that applicants do not have to start with labor certification again should their employment end after they are quite far along in the process.

Even a visa is not immediately available, they should still be eligible to apply for EAD & Advance Parole (AP), and to file I-485.

We urge the members of the Congress and the President, to expedite in making this in to a law without letting any more time being wasted. Please don't let this die just because there is a wide disagreement between the Republicans and Democrats regarding the handling of the undocumented immigrants as the legal immigrants have been patiently waiting for many years all the time paying federal, state, local, medicare and social security taxes which potentially add up to several thousand dollars every year.

Reference - RIN: 1615-AB97

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1 month ago
Someone from Cerritos, CA writes:
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Its a revolutionary step and benefited large number of skilled professional.
December 13, 2016
Someone from Fair Lawn, NJ writes:
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Please issue EAD for all the I-140 applicants approved for 6 months and more . Relieve us from legal slavery...
November 24, 2016
Ravikumar K. from Fairfax, VA writes:
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I am in US for 9 years now and I am working for a company for 8 years already and stuck with them for another 10 years. I cannot change job and if I do I need to restart the whole process again. I pay all taxes . Please provide us with EAD and in turn it will help American Economy. We should be one our own at least after approval of i140 . I can get many job offers but employers don't want to go through this amazing immigration process. 1. Once we have the EAD we will buy houses and spend money freely without holding on to us. 2. Sometimes we become lethargic as we stuck in the same job for long time. Being able to change job will allow us to stay on the edge. This will help US again. 3. American employers will have more skilled workers to choose from without going through the immigration process. Its truly a win-win. Please provide us EAD.
2 months ago
Vijay D. from Norristown, PA writes:
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Please issue EAD to all approved I-140 applicants.
2 months ago
Sunil P. from Jersey City, NJ writes:
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I Support. Please issued EAD to all approved I-140 applicants.
just now
Anjan Kumar T. from Peoria, IL writes:
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I am in this country legally for 12 years, did my Master from State University and working for Caterpillar for 10 years and still not able to obtain my Permanent Resident aka Green Card. I am paying SSN, Medicare and currently even eligible for SSN benefits. Please overhaul legal immigration system based on merit (Education, years of experience and type of company he/she are working)
2 months ago
Someone from Eden Prairie, MN writes:
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i Support
2 months ago
Someone from Charlotte, NC writes:
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Investment of resources, money etc. yet, people are waiting without an answer and with a lot of risk. Provide EAD to those who have approved i140 without restarting the process all over again.
2 months ago
Someone from Edison, NJ writes:
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I definitely support the I-140 EAD. Waiting for more than 10 years in uncertainty for heavy backlogged countries like India, China for GC. The rules are too old and do not seem to be fit for 21st centuary. The rule amendment is the need of an hour and will definitely support the economy positively. I think USA needs these set of people to stay back and contribute to the betterment of the country, society and work towards making America Great Again.
2 months ago
Sanket t. from Iselin, NJ signed.