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Deport all who are here illegally

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We do not have undocumented workers, they are illegal at best , there is no such thing as anchor babies,we don't separate families, illegals may take their children with them, to their home country. Fully fund the relevant existing agencies to remove illegals. Congress, you are our law makers, comply with the law you enacted, fully enforce any and all federal laws to remove illegals from our nation.
If states do not want to comply with federal laws in regards to deportation, do not fund them for any illegal's activity, which includes, housing, medical, education and, any or all federal funding. The states must stand alone with their decision and, must bear the burden of all financial cost.
DO NOT choke the court systems with grievance's, illegals must be deported first as citizens of another nation and shall not be afforded the rights of our nations citizenry..

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10 hours ago
K. W. from Arvada, CO writes:
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As long as even one veteran goes homeless or without the medical care they need/deserve/have earned, not one single "refugee" should be allowed to stay and/or enter America. The world is a cruel place, but America cannot be responsible for everyone displaced elsewhere in the world. Life is hard and can be terribly cruel, but we owe it to our fellow Americans to ensure they are all cared for before we open our lands up to people from elsewhere.
11 hours ago
Allen H. from Ottumwa, IA writes:
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I am tired of supporting all the welfare you in this worthless keep bringing into America so you raise my taxes for you to get votes, and then you give them job. It's time to put the American people first and you worthless low life's in government out of job like you do to us. if you want to help these people, I'm sure the American people would help you pack so you can deport your own worthless*****with them.. I'll guarantee you we won't miss any of you FREELOADERS AT ALL, SO DON'T LET THE GATE HIT YOU IN THE*****ON YOUR WAY OUT.
2 days ago
Bobby P. from Maysville, NC signed.
3 days ago
Someone from Ovid, MI signed.
4 days ago
John G. from Cherry Point, NC writes:
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Deport all illegals who've committed crimes in the U.S. immediately
4 days ago
Someone from Charleston, WV signed.
5 days ago
Robert G. from Eustis, FL writes:
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Deport ALL Illegals day one.
1 week ago
Someone from Chapmanville, WV writes:
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With all the terrorism going on now I think that a person from another country should have to be approved to come to the United States to live. The United States has became almost a country of poverty for it's natural born citizens but hands out money to others who come here and want to start a business, helps them get homes, etc. which it will not do for the natural born citizens. I think it is very unfair that people can come here from other countries and live better with help from our government than the working people can live where both parents have to work just to provide shelter and food for their family.If they are allowed to come here after being thoroughly investigated they should have to abide by our laws and customs. The females should not be allowed to cover their faces with scarves, etc Why should they be allowed to when it is illegal to wear a toboggan to keep warm in the winter. Isn't that the same thing? And I feel that if they do not abide by our laws then they should have to go back to their country and not allowed to come back with out facing imprisonment for breaking the laws of our nation.
January 4, 2017
Roger D. from Albuquerque, NM signed.
January 3, 2017
Someone from Belpre, OH writes:
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The US is deeply in debt. Stop forcing more debt on the American worker by bringing dependent people here that have no intention of assimilation! You are breaking the law and ignoring the constitution! The majority of the American people demand this! Your jobs are hanging in the balance!