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Stop Workplace Mobbing and Community Based Harassment

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Stop Workplace Mobbing/Bullying

Workplace bullying is a general ganging up by employees targeting one individual in the office, school or factory. The book Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace outlines how one enemy in the workplace can rally other workers to gleefully wreak havoc in the life of their colleague. It can begins with jealousy of an above average worker and then the ridicule starts. a manager feeling threatened by an overachieving subordinate almost always triggers mobbing, since the manager will rally the other employees to ridicule, harass and eventually drive the good employee out. It can also begin with gossip/slander about the individual. (See Below.)

Stop Organized Harassment

Community Based Harassment aka Mobbing is not new. This type of vigilante behavior has been used widely by the KKK and other fascist groups worldwide. Mobbing is a ganging up by the community against one individual in an attempt to drive the person out.

Mobbing symptom number one is slander to the community about the victim. The victim?s private life is exploited in such a way to create the illusion that the person is an undesirable, dishonest, or crazy, someone that needs to be driven from the community. With the popularity of online gossip pages and message boards, a photo-shopped image, or a voice-over, could give credibility to the smear. (Also called, The New McCarthyism, see: The Progressive.)

Unveiled and popularized by John Ashcroft in 2002 under Freedom Corps, a system of Neighborhood Snitches was set up to watch selected neighbors for ?Unusual behavior.? Google: Amerisnitch from Peace Corps Online. See ?FISA? and ?Fusion Centers? ACLU website.

How it begins: An authority figure may approach important people in the victim?s life, family, friends, employer, neighbors, etc. and claim the victim is under investigation, thus alienating family and friends who are sworn to silence by the authority figure. (See: Indymedia, Miami, What You Can Do.) As soon as the community is convinced, the organized stalking/surveillance begins.

If you know of any friends, coworkers or neighbors that are experiencing daily harassment in their lives, please do not be dismissive. They need your understanding and support. Although physical abuse is rare in mobbing, the emotional abuse can cause serious, even life-threatening illnesses. In some mobbing cases, victims have had heart attacks or serious stomach problems as a result. Unfortunately, some people enjoy being a part of these vigilante groups and have no crisis of conscience when it comes to ganging up against an individual. Single women, Teachers, Activists and Writers are often targets. Google, Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace and Community Based Harassment. Also, contact your State Representatives and Congress to create Legislation against Mobbing. Also read: The End of America and You have No Rights. Films: The Map of the World, The Lives

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1 hour ago
David D. from Fairbanks, AK writes:
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I've been the victim of organized community harassment for about a year. I started to notice odd behavior and occurences. At one point in time, I would rule the odd occurrences out as coincidences. However, I started noticing patterns in the aforementioned occurrences and it became apparent after awhile that I was the target of some sort of smear / harassment campaign. I was and still am constantly surveilled and gaslighted via "street theatre" (based on said surveillance) on a regular basis. For instance, recently I'd eaten a dinner consisting of turnips and catfish and then watched the movie forest gump afterwards. The next day I was eating in an empty resturaunt, and perpetrators of the harassment came and sit in close proximity to me, talking with one another about eating turnips and catfish and watching the movie forest gump afterwards. These seemingly innocent tactics are to covertly let the victim know, that even the things done in the privacy of their own home is known about them. These insidious tactics render these criminals with plausible deniability, so they can continue to operate with impunity. These "occurences" happen continuously. It causes severe stress and anxiety. I recently stopped going into work and lost my job, because the perpetrators started coming into my place of employment, rendering their gaslighting. Something needs to be done. These neighborhood watch/policing groups are getting out of hand and they're ruining lives. Help us.
February 16, 2017
Someone from Los Angeles, CA writes:
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I have been a target of Mobbing in the workplace and neighborhood and it is a unjust way of "punishing" - person and no one should be subject to living that way. It violates the rights of the people and it causes more harm to the development of society. I have been unjustly treated at more jobs than two and I am being followed by numerous amount of people outside of my work. The workplace says that they protect whistle blowers but when they participate they violate that rule. It psychologically damage the target in more than one way and it breaks up communities as well as family. This needs to be ended and bring peace and love to america for the first time.
February 13, 2017
Carolyn K. from Phoenix, AZ signed.
February 13, 2017
Eric Z. from Pittsburgh, PA writes:
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End Community based Harassment / vigilante behavior
February 13, 2017
Someone from Pittsburgh, PA signed.
February 6, 2017
Someone from Menifee, CA writes:
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January 31, 2017
Vic N. from Notre Dame, IN writes:
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Obama's change for America transformed the Democratic Party to the Muslim Brotherhood Party which is a Terrorist Organisation. Most Democrats are unaware that "Radical Islam" as it's referred to is here to take down America or as they call us "The Great Satan". Although many Americans have been fooled to believe Islam is a Religion of Peace, it couldn't be further from the truth. Islam is a Satanic Cult that is anti-Christ and has already began war throughout the world and America is being targeted behind our back. President Trump is very wise and aware of their deadly intentions while the brainwashed fools protest against him. Many think this is religious discrimination but Islam is fighting a war against the Infidels or those that don't believe as they do. Islamic Terrorism is Not Radical Islam, they are only following what they are taught in the Quran. They aren't Terrorist as Obama would tell us, only followers of Allah/Satan. There is only One God and One Satan and like it or not we are in the end times battle of Armageddon, the war between Good and Evil, pick your side but be warned, Eternity is Forever . The new pronunciation for Democrat is "Demon Rat", no pun intended.
January 31, 2017
Someone from Kenosha, WI writes:
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if you hold a public office or retired from a public you should not be allowed to take the law into your own hands without being penalized for such corrupt behavior. laws were set up because innocent before proven guilty in a court of law.these people think they are above the law because there is no merit to their behavior. i am just a citizen who has been called all kinds of things that aren't true so they can stalk and ruin your life for their personal a court of law they would not have a chance to win.
January 30, 2017
Eleftheria P. writes:
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Please support us! Stop mobbing in Greece which leads people to suicide. Support our Organisation
January 30, 2017
Jameel R. from Muskegon, MI writes:
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