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In 2012, 45 states were coerced by the federal government into adopting the unproven and untested Common Core standards in ELA and math, along with the companion assessments being developed by PARCC and SBAC. Despite the claims that these new standards are not a curriculum, it is the actual tests that have become the de-facto national curriculum. Because of this, 'test prep' has become the new normal in grade 3 to 8 classrooms all across the country. Teachers, administrators, and especially parents do not like what their kids are telling them about this new wave of test-based reform. The current test prep regime is inflicting immeasurable harm to students and demoralizing their teachers. We do not want to create a generation of students who hate school because of these data driven policies. Our children are not data points for others to profit from.

Teachers, administrators, and parents now stand together, to say NO to punitive Common Core, test-based reform. We all want to see teaching that instills a love for learning, classroom environments where the joy of school life becomes the new normal for our young learners, and most importantly a return to common sense and developmentally appropriate, best practices. Public schools where teachers are free from the pressures of test prep, free to do what's best for the students they know and love.

Eliminating punitive, test-based reform can only be accomplished if the Common Core standards and the dominant role of testing are repealed by federal and state law.
Please right these wrongs by amending the legislation that is now in the process of dismantling America's public school system. We urge you to re-write the Elementary and Secondary Education Act now. Please stop the Common Core testing and let teachers teach and students learn for all the right reasons..

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February 10, 2017
Josh K. from Anamosa, IA writes:
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This new way of doing things needs to stop its doing nothing but making these kids miserable
just now
Jordan C. from Vacaville, CA signed.
February 7, 2017
Krystal R. from Ellenton, FL writes:
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This concept is effectively helping kids learn, it is debilitating from a parents perspective trying to assist.
February 6, 2017
Someone from Bradenton, FL signed.
February 5, 2017
jacob l. from Lakewood, CA signed.
February 4, 2017
Someone from Honolulu, HI writes:
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Common core has created nothing but frustration, confusion and mostly hatred for math in my sons life for the past 2 years. Starting his first years of school learning general math skills he loved school. Since our school switched 2 yrs ago, my son hates school. He is struggling with common core and we as parents are too! I feel helpless when I cant help my child with 5th grade math homework. This should not be acceptable. My child should be loving his elementary school years instead he dreads it every schhol day! Please bring back REAL math !!!!!!
February 1, 2017
Jimi W. from Sterling City, TX writes:
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I am confused Texas has not adopted the Common Core State Standards (that's what the website shows).... so why is my son's school is still having to do common core math??... we have about 2 hours of math homework a night. He is in fifth grade. Its been like this since third grade. He has a test today in math. He cried for an hour last night out of frustration.... why are we doing this to them?
just now
Jessica from New Windsor, NY writes:
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Common coreb is by far the worst educational movement. It has destroyed the self esteem of many children who should be thriving in elementary school. Not to mention the stress and frustration of parents who have to spend a tremendous amount of time trying to help there children understand something that is unfamiliar to us parents. It has created children to hate school which may lead to more drop outs. There are way to many unnecessary steps in the math that confuse children. Children should have the option to learn more indepth math as they get older like in high school if they were more interested in becoming something like an accountant. But for now as young children they should keepbit basic until they grasp the concept.. Common core is aweful and should have been voted on through parents. Shame shame shame on you for destroying the minds of beautiful bright children!
January 31, 2017
Someone from Naperville, IL signed.
January 30, 2017
Jeremy S. from Tomball, TX signed.