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Please stop the unfair punishment of good fathers. We need child support reform now!

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The current child support system entirely benefits the mother of said children, not even the child's best interest. The fathers are routinely getting financially punished by increasing child support obligations, attorney fees, court costs, and visitation rights. The fathers have became expendable in the courts eyes, and we want to get this changed!

Each child support case should be viewed on a case-by-case basis, not just lumping all cases into the same category. For instance, yes there are a lot of "dead beat" fathers, as well as "dead beat" mothers, but there are even more good fathers out there doing everything they can to be in their children lives but are hindered by the Family Court and Child Support Enforcement itself! OCSE actually makes it harder for the fathers to be involved in the lives of the children instead of doing what "is best for the child". It has been proven time and time again that having BOTH parents in the child's life makes a huge impact, but the Family court tells the fathers when they can see their child, where they can take their child, and what they can do with their child.

In addition, in researching the amount of child support obligation should be ordered, the courts should look into the income of BOTH sides, not just the father. Often times, the mother, remarried, makes more than the father and the father is still ordered to pay a high amount of child support. That is not right! Shouldn't the father be able to live life at an acceptable standard? It seems a lot of times the good fathers are being punished for the "dead beat" fathers.

Nobody denies that there should be some type of set child support obligations guidelines, but as of now the guidelines and severely unfair to the fathers, and biased towards the mothers. This is what we are looking to change.

Should single mothers (or fathers) be allowed to not work and live off child support and government assistance while the other party has to work just to pay his obligation in fear of being thrown in jail? Is it fair for some women to have multiple babies just to collect child support and not have to work? There definitely should be guidelines and stricter restrictions put on the party receiving the child support benefits. How about drug testing child support recipient's? Job placement requirements?

Child support obligation should be based upon;
1. The income and expenses of BOTH parties
2. The family size and obligation of both parties
3. Total debt of both parties
4. Drug testing of the recipient of the child support
5. Employment status of BOTH parties. The recipient should NOT be unemployed or at the least have a timeframe requirement to gain employment or forfeit the right to child support.
6. All court cost, attorneys fees, filing fees, and\or any other fees in regards to the said child support case should be equally divided between the two parties.
4. Then child support obligation should be calculated based upon all

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12 hours ago
Scott D. from Denver, CO writes:
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Child support should be like an expense account at work. You make purchases for the kids, then get reimbursed for those expenses. I'm personally tired of hearing "it's my money, you have no right to ask what I use it for" when my ex contacts me for money on top of what she already gets to buy anything. Second, it shouldn't be tax-free for the recipient. Sure, I know the argument that if it were taxed then a bigger amount would be needed, that's BS. Lastly, how is one kid worth more than another? Depending on income, how can one kid be worth $200/month while another is worth $2000/month? Shouldn't there be general guidelines about the costs of kids vs a strict "this is your income" calculation? When it's a 50/50 parenting agreement and both sides are doing their share, there's no way it should cost one parent thousands every month.
12 hours ago
Kevin l. from Petersburg, VA writes:
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I think if both parents provide for the child(ren) then neither parent shold have to pay the other for any sort of support. In my state, the women want to boast that they are independent, but crutch themselves on government assistance and support from the man. I think if i pay just as much for child care, clothes, food, a place to live, school supplies, ect. Why should i pay her to have the same things. I work hard for my money and i dont mind paying the support at this point, but my question is why should i have to if i support 50% already as it is. I would like to see this added. If both parents have jobs and support the child, there should be no support to give.
14 hours ago
Someone from Meriden, CT writes:
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Child support there against you there very nasty rude court is also to they don't want to hear nothing what you have to say. It's. Sad because why separated family why treat people like trash we all human these women's are some worst there is you give child support and the mother get a new car under you it's sad to say but it the truth I know this lady she on welfare with 3 kids can't afford it but got pregnant again ? In theses case women like this should completely remove from help assistant they have a lot of time in there hand while tax payer support them ?
15 hours ago
Someone from Worcester, MA signed.
1 day ago
Daniel R. from Spanaway, WA signed.
just now
David E. from Macon, GA signed.
1 day ago
Someone from Pflugerville, TX signed.
1 day ago
Someone from Saline, LA writes:
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I think child support receiver should have to account for every penny and show how it's spent on the kids directly it should not be used how the recipient sees fit there should be guidelines and whatever is not used for the children's needs should be set into a account for there college and there needs to be a more reasonable calculation to determine payments payor should be able to support a home with the income left after the payment and it makes no sense to take all means of making income if one falls behind because of financial hardship they take drivers license how do you get to work if you can't drive business license how do you work if that's taken if you're line of work requires it and your treated like your just refusing to pay even when you don't have a dollar to your name when it's time to pay even though when you have more than a payment you send more it's already stressful enough struggling financially they slander your credit so you can't even get a loan to catch back up its like it's designed to where if you fall down there not going to let you get up its corrupt not to mention there is nothing to enforce the other side of the court orders on visitation except go back to court and have the judge tell the other parent you can't do that you have to let the other parent see the kids only so they can leave and keep right on denying visitation with no enforcement or repercussions for them and there's the garnishments sent to employer's alot of smaller ones don't want to deal with it so they let you go it's illegal but it doesn't stop them because it can't be proved they can just claim it was for other reasons although all was fine till they received the paperwork
2 days ago
Phil M. from mohamet, IL writes:
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Illinois is the worse for child anything
2 days ago
Someone from Chicago, IL writes:
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I seriously Pray this reform happens. I was determined to be the father of a child and was ordered to pay $500 monthly without receiving a court date to provide check stubs. I can't afford to file a motion to request a reduction so I'm currently struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile my Sons mother has had another child and yes, she is receiving state benefits and is unemployed. She has multiple kids by 2 other men besides myself and we're all paying child support. I do not get weekly nor bi-weekly visitation, I guess I can only see my son when its convient for the mother.