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Dear Congress,

The horse racing industry is producing more horses than people can take care of, and that?s providing an opening for the horse slaughter and export industry. Thousands of thoroughbreds and quarter horses no longer performing adequately and are no longer profitable on the track are sold off to killer buyers and shipped in cattle trucks to Canada and Mexico. They are then slaughtered, and their meat is exported to Europe and Asia for human consumption.

The industry is worse than ever for horses, with 24 horses dying on the track every week. Jockeys are also being injured and killed at unacceptably high rates. There is immense suffering involved in this so called sport that is veiled by its glamorous façade. Sport for who we ask? Definitely not the horses

The HSUS has repeatedly documented inhumane transport and slaughter of horses that were perfectly healthy before the slaughter industry turned them into meat. 80% of horses sent to slaughter are between the ages of 2-5, due to the race horse industry. Their racing of 2-year-olds before their bodies are mature enough to withstand the pounding from competitive racing, unforgiving track surfaces, breeding practices that value speed over physical soundness, and all-too-frequent breakdowns.

Controlling Equine Breeders in the USA is essential. Overbreeding is obvious. Since horseracing lacks a national governing body and each state currently has their own varied laws affecting horseracing, federal legislation is the only way to successfully address this issue.

My request from you is to bring into legislation closing down every horse race track or force the racing industry honors the responsibility they have to look after every animal for its entire life, not just while they're profiting off its talents, and that with these request not being met that they have their racing license permanently revoked.

Thank you for your time and attention,

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4 days ago
Donna B. from Chicago, IL writes:
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No race is worth their lives or the injuries.
March 5, 2017
Scott H. from Monrovia, CA writes:
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A cruel and inhumane sport.
1 month ago
Someone from Indian wells, CA writes:
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Please help to end horse racing.
February 14, 2017
Danyale P. from Anchorage, AK signed.
January 28, 2017
Mary R. from Takoma Park, MD writes:
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No animal is here to suffer for our entertainment.
December 4, 2016
Ojay L. from Miami, FL writes:
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Horse racing is just cruelty. It need to stop not only in the U.S. but all around the world. i watched the video that was released by PETA and it was just devastating. The trainers are just cruel and all they care about is money for those of you have never watch it the link is below. Please let us all help stop this cruel act. Link:
December 2, 2016
Amanda K. from Roseville, CA writes:
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Please STOP this abuse; the animal has no voice, take mine, please.
4 months ago
Miranda R. from Denver, CO signed.
November 17, 2016
comm c. from War, WV signed.
November 13, 2016
Someone from Carlsbad, CA writes:
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Horseracing needs to END!!!! PERIOD!!!!! These atrocities are unspeakable. What is it going to take? How many animals have to live these horrific lives before this industry is held accountable even a tiny bit?! I can't stand it anymore! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Also, if you are ANY part of this horror show in ANY way; if you turn a blind eye, or remain silent, or God-forbid defend this evilness, YOU are just as much to blame!! And I hope in the next life, you suffer their same exact fate!!