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Our Nations Animals Have No Protection Against Abuse By Humans! They Are Neglected, Abandoned, Mistreated BY Their Owners & Some Shelter Workers. Victims Of Hoarders, Back Yard Breeders. Animals Are Dumped @ Shelters By The Hundreds & Thousands Daily By Their Owners, That Decide They Don't Want Their Pets Anymore! & Use Lame Excuses. Over Bred Moms & Dads Are Dumped When They Can't Breed Anymore! We Need Serious Reform For The welfare Of Our Animals***Striving For A No Kill Nation** I Work With A Huge Army Of Animal Lovers *We Work Posting Shelter Animals 24/7*365 Days & Nights A Year*The Treatment Of Animals Is Barbaric & Cruel* By Pet Owners & Some Shelter Workers: There Are Empty Cages World Wide! Only10% Of Animals Are Saved! They Believe in The Concept: ( Better Dead Than Fed) Animals Are Euthanized Un-Necessarily! I Want To See Animal Rights Laws Changed To Protect Animals & No Kill Sanctuaries Implemented in Place Of Shelters! Which Will Be Monitored & Inspected! I Have a Proposal In Place* Enclosed:...2014.....
1. Spay/Neuter Laws Passed
2. Puppy Mills, Breeders Stopped
3. Stop Breed Specification
4. Ban Gas Chambers & Heart Stick Killing
5. Empty shelters
6. No Animal Killed
7. Live Their Lives Out In Sanctuaries
8. No Animal Left Behind
9. Strong Abuse Punishments
10. End To Dog Fighting
11. Pet "Owner " Changed To Pet "Guardian"
12. Laws Changed So That Pets Are Not Viewed As Property
13. Animal Abuse Registry
14. Ban The Sales Of Pets Sold IN Stores
15. The Next Generation *TAUGHT * To & Respect Animals
16. Everyone & Respect (ANIMAL RIGHTS)
17. People Stop Ignoring The Problem And Do Something About It!!
When you see suffering, or evil in this world, there is no neutral ground* Do what you can to stop it *We Need New Laws To Stop This Craziness! We Are a Huge Network Of Animal Lovers Working 24/7 To Post Shelter Animals On fb & 90% Never Make It Out *They Are Killed* We Can't Spend Our Lives Saving 10 % Of Our Beautiful Shelter Animals Constantly Cleaning Up The Messes Made By Irresponsible & greedy People On A Daily Basis, Just because They Can Get Away With It *They Dump Their Unwanted Pets & Use Lame Excuses * Back Yard Breeders DUMP Over Bred Moms & Pops & Puppies @ Shelters By The Thousands Daily *People Need Laws To Follow & Education About Animals * We Need To "TEACH" The Next Generation Love & Respect For Animals & ANIMALS RIGHTS* PERPETRATORS WILL RECEIVE SEVERE PUNISHMENT * HEAVY JAIL TIME & Out OF POCKET *No Animal Will Be Left Behind* People Will Be Screened Thoroughly Before They Can Adopt Pets* ONLY NO KILL SANCTUARIES WILL EXIST *There Will Be NO PETS KILLED *Seniors & Pets That Can't Be Placed Will Live Out Their Lives In These Clean Environments In ALL STATES, With Love & NO FEAR * All Employees Will Be Screened *Drug Tested* Background Checks* Anger Management* Mandatory To Take Some Animal Training Classes To Better Work With > Depressed* Heart Broken* Frightened D

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6 days ago
Morgan H. from Hancock, MD writes:
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Im dealing with an animal abuse case in West Virginia where there's. A puppy left outside with mange thats basically on deaths door, and they wont even take the animal from the people. They're giving them a COUPLE OF WEEKS to get this poor animal to the vet that will BE LEFT SUFFERING. This dog is in such bad shape you can't even tell WHAT IT IS. I want things to change. This should absolutely not be happening. Anywhere. Ever.
March 17, 2017
Emily R. from Houma, LA signed.
March 17, 2017
Laura M. from Kenner, LA writes:
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I am so happy and proud to see a group of people working on this issue. I have known and preached to all that will listen, our laws need to change. Please make punishment stiffer for people who hurt helpless animals. Here recently in Louisiana an evil man named Shawn Glen Jones, shot, killed and dumped 5 helpless puppies His bond is only $15,000! I think it's a joke, for killing 5 helpless living animals he must come up with a small fine to get out of jail. Another couple Alvin Elsqulin and Lenjean Henry hid 11 huge dogs who were so malnourished they were half of their normal body weight. The dogs were skin and bones with sores all over them. The worse part of this story these people were already in trouble for doing this to another dog. They weren't even suppose to have dogs, that's why they were hiding them inside a closet. This is why I keep preaching we must change our laws! Please for the love of God start making the punishments much worse. If a person could be cruel to an animal they damn well can also be cruel to a person.
March 13, 2017
Jessi from Apache Junction, AZ writes:
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I want to know HOW to change the law. I want to know what I can do to help change it. I don't want to be a person who just talks about how bad the abuse of our animals is and not doing something about it. I literally just talked to an Animal Control officer who told me there is nothing he can do about my neighbors dog who is killing the other one because the dogs are property and he needs convent from the owners to help. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They're going to come home to a dead dog and you're gonna leave a note on the door saying you stopped by?! No. No. No. The law absolutely has to change. And WE need to be the ones who make that happen. So what do we actually do?!?!
March 13, 2017
Kathleen T. from Willis, MI writes:
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I'm tired of seeing kids cutting off ears, noses, etc off of animals or setting them afire and getting nothing but probation. Are you kidding me?? If that was a child or any human being they would be in prison. The same should be for animals for they are just like babies and can't defend themselves. I will always continue to be their voice and am trying to get local ordinances to do the same.
March 6, 2017
Annette H. signed.
March 5, 2017
Carol P. from Waianae, HI writes:
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Animal abusers turn into child abusers. It's a fact. They will abuse senior citizens, children and even adults. The penalty must be high and severe to keep these sick people from hurti g others. Animals have a right to live in peace and safety. Please enforce these laws too
March 5, 2017
Karen L. from Henderson, NV signed.
March 5, 2017
Nicole C. from Prospect Park, PA writes:
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It's simple. Inactive strict breeding laws. Hold owners responsible. Fund and regulate shelters to protect unwanted digs and cats. These are our companions, not inanimate objects. Be the change you want to see in the world. Be their voice. You have the power to end this horror.
March 4, 2017
JosefineAnne G. from Los Angeles, CA signed.