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Courts have authority to suspend a license granted to a Child Support obligor by a state. This power is frequently passed on to Child Support Enforcement employees that have authority and direct access to the Department of Motor Vehicles license data base. The obvious license subject to suspension is the driver's license, but states issue licenses for a variety of occupations. Because these licenses are required to work in the particular occupation, license suspension can be a serious matter to an obligor.

Is all non payment of support deliberate or could it be the result of economic hardships imposed due to erroneous license suspensions? In many places public transportation to and from work is not an option. Most people require a driver's license in order to stay employed. How can it benefit a child to take away the one thing that may allow a parent who has fallen behind in support to eventually catch up?

Example: A truck driver, construction worker or salesman is laid off or injured on the job and unable to work. They apply for benefits and find either there is no insurance or there is a waiting period before benefits begin (at a fraction of earnings) resulting in a duration without income. They inevitably fall behind in everything (not just child support). Child Support responds by suspending their license until caught up. Attempts to return to work are met with "the position is no longer available" or, "unable to accommodate injury." Child Support is notified of the situation and responds with "find work elsewhere." What is often not considered is that most employers will not hire qualified people in these fields without a valid license. They are turned away until they get their license and support issues straightened out. Many professions require valid driver's license in order to use a professional license which influences employ-ability as a result. This becomes a downward spiral for the "obligar" and has a direct impact on the child that would benefit from the support.

So, how do they get caught up if they are not employable in their field? How can taking away a parents ability to seek, obtain or keep employment benefit their children? In the overall picture license suspension punishes the child more than the obligated parent.

Work in the support of children and click the links to email the Senate, House of Representatives, President Obama and your Congressman and request that they stop driver's licenses suspensions for delinquent child support. Sign the petition. You have work to support a child.

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1 hour ago
Dustinstl G. from Colorado Springs, CO signed.
just now
Someone from Belleville, IL writes:
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My Driver License has been Suspended, for Non Payment of Child Support, now for over 5yrs. I cannot find a job that doesn't require Driving to and from the job. I really need my Driver License Reinstated.
4 hours ago
Someone from Ponce De Leon, FL writes:
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I just got my lincense reinstated in florida. the state of florida charged me 60.00 for the reinstatement fee. crazy rip off. 50.00 of that could have gone to the rears. thieves
4 hours ago
Someone from Hagerstown, MD writes:
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Taking away a professional license does nothing to help anyone earn money to make child support payments. If a person is trained in a field that requires a license, and child support is based on the income the person was making in that profession, tell me how that person will be able to march that income while starting in a new field; one they have no experience in? How will that person be able to get to that new place of employment without a license? Bus service isn't available in all areas. Taxis cost money. So, the courts deprive a person of not only their ability to work in the field that earned them the money that their child support was based on, but also their ability to get to a new place of employment to earn less than they were making, which wasn't enough to pay the support in the first place? Not everyone has anot hourly wage or salary. When courts determine child support using only the "good years" of a commission earner's income, it unfairly inflates the amount of child support due, above what can be given. The whole system needs to be reformed. This is ludicrous. The current system turns good, well-intentioned people, into criminals.
15 hours ago
SHEENA T. from Yakima, WA signed.
20 hours ago
Bernardi W. from Tallahassee, FL writes:
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yes cause mines got taking away we as in great daddy that don't need child support to take of my kids because my children mother get mad I'm with this 100%
21 hours ago
Charles O. from Spartanburg, SC writes:
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It's not right to take a driving license from anyone for child support
23 hours ago
Mike D. from Indianapolis, IN signed.
1 day ago
Someone from Powder Springs, GA signed.
1 day ago
melody c. from ringgold, GA writes:
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I think it is a great tool to get folks to pay up because Ive seen it hen nothing else works this does so Im sorry but I agree with this tool being used to help support those kids who wouldnt be taken care of with this leverage as a whole!