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The President Of The United States: Approve Conjugal Visits & Private Family Visit\'s For The Whole United State\'s Federal & State Prison

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The President of The United States: Keeping Federal Inmates and their Families together approve Conjugal Visits & Family Visit's For The Whole United States. The best way to go about this is it will make it worthy for everyone at the same time if you approve this. Anyone that does a Family Visit or stay over night has to pay, it will be a great way to save people's live's and officer's at the same time. For once i ask you to take your time and read this because this is just not from me this is about everyone in the United States that miss there loved ones what would this do for the inmate's or the visitor's. First it will give them life again and not be so violent, second it will help with cost, third people will start doing what they have to do to come home. Inside the prison world it's hard to survive because you have to deal with so much and if you get time with your loved one and over night stays your more worried about staying out of trouble so you can have your visit and not get it taking away from you if you do get into trouble. I think this would be a great idea because it will help in funds and also give inmates more reason to work on their behavior issues as well as not giving up on themselves as they will have a chance to work toward to spending time with their children and wife. All I'm asking is for you to consider this not only for the inmates but for the families that have a long time to be without their loved ones.

Family is the most important thing when serving a sentence for a crime. With out communication by letters, phone calls, and visitation; Inmates would be more aggresive and violent against each other and officers. I believe that if state prisons allow conjugal visits for married inmates that it would be logical to allow those types of visits in federal prisons as well. This type of bonding promotes healthy relationship and moral. Federal inmates have to serve around 85% of their entire prison sentence. Where as state prisons usually serve 50-65% and get conjugal visits, and gain time for good behavior to get early release. Since this is not the case for federal inmates, then why not pass a bill to allow conjugal visit for federal inmates. The question of whether or not prison is intended to rehabilitate - rather than to merely punish - deserves the scrutiny of all Americans who might one day be affected by the answer. Yes, many agree that it would be a privilege to have these visits when incarcerated. For those who believe that isolation is a way of rehabilitation I would like to say there is absolutely nothing rehabilitating about restricting inmates from intimacy with their spouse. If the visits should require monitoring to be considered safe then, in my opinion, by all means monitor. Conjugal visits will allow for longer, faithful marriages and healthier relationships. Honestly I think that every inmates case is different and conjugal visits should be considered accordingly. Please sign this very important petition

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1 day ago
Paul C. from Alexandria, MN writes:
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America has the highest rate per capita of prisoners . We need to do things that work & change things that don't, for something some did over a few moments, they shouldnt pay for a life time, they or their kids. I have been a kid of a parent in the system & ther family members. My letters & visits with my mothers kept them going. They came out better people & they was in nys where they let us stay on grounds in a trailer with dad.He never went back to jail again.that was 1989. hes still alive
2 days ago
Someone from District Heights, MD writes:
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Being away from the person you love is not easy especially when they were given a harsh sentencing for their first crime as a teenager.
6 days ago
Julia C. from Jacksonville, FL signed.
6 days ago
Robin H. from Bowie, MD signed.
6 days ago
Someone from Summerville, SC signed.
6 days ago
Johnnie Y. from memphis, TN writes:
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Want to apart of her.
February 19, 2017
Someone from Washington, NC signed.
February 18, 2017
Someone from Burlington, NC writes:
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This would help this is how it was done years ago and it worked out it should be allowed in all states
February 14, 2017
Someone from Dorchester Center, MA writes:
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I believe it would give inmates the chance to learn what it feels like to work hard for something you want. It will teach them self-discipline and a sense of accomplishment to achieve such status therefore providing some rehabilitation factors they'll need to acquire in order to acclimate back into society once they are released. It's also good for sustaining and preserving family bonds.
February 14, 2017
John S. from O Fallon, MO writes:
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We should have 5hat right