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Dear White House Members,

I have just learned of the LEGAL bear baiting events that occur often in South Carolina and I do not set well with this. I am appalled by the LEGAL cruel inhumane treatment that these bears endure. I am requesting that bear baiting be banned.

These bears stand and shake in fear. Although they know what is about to happen they can do nothing to stop it - a rope attached to a metal ring in their nose is tied to a post in the ground, holding them in place. All they can do is wait and watch as the crowd around them cheers in anticipation. Suddenly, dogs are released into the arena - bred and trained to attack, the dogs lunge at the bear, sinking their sharp teeth into the bears sensitive muzzle and ears.

The bear tries desperately to defend itself but the teeth and claws have been removed and all they can do is tuck their head behind their paws and lash out blindly. The attack goes on for several minutes until finally the bear is brought to the ground and the dogs are declared the winners. This is a disgrace to mankind. It is baffling that this is still legal in your state and that you hand out permits for this. Also the South Carolina DNR does not inspect bear baiting competitions.

These bears are treated in such a cruel an inhumane manner as you can see in this video link:

The LAW of DISGRACE - showing where they have crossed out the words bear-baiting - half way through the the writing
in this document ->

I trust that upon examination of the above facts you will agree that it is in the best interest of the United States Congress to ban bear baiting.

Yours faithfully,

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2 days ago
Lauren S. from Glen Cove, NY signed.
3 days ago
kathleen s. from Westwood, NJ signed.
just now
Someone from Pacific, WA writes:
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this was wrote by some who who knows nothing about bear baiting nothing inhumane about it first in most places bears are it is thick and hard to find second it helps so you can take the right kind of bear mature males because if you take younger or female will have bigger impact on the population and with out it the population will get out of control bearsend up in places they shouldn't be
4 days ago
Karen F. from Sarasota, FL signed.
6 days ago
Someone from El Paso, TX signed.
January 9, 2017
Someone from Shelton, CT signed.
January 8, 2017
Diane T. from Kirksville, MO writes:
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This message goes out to Khadijah from St. LouiSs for anyone interested and the article that I referred to it is "Michael Smith's My journey "Word press it is a true story please read it . In the article it talks about I am reducing and rehabilitation well where my son is at there's no rehabilitation his incarceration and no to mount to anything and they say that they have to be two years from there out date before they can have any training , And that depends on facility that they're locate in .which I believe it's unfair to the inmates and their family that have to suffer right along them. Whether it be finding ways to get down to see the family member or friend or helping them financially which also puts a burden on the family and depending on the location of the inmate as in my case at one point I was driving 41/2 hours for a 4 visit and having to rent a motel room to be able to see him 2 times that weekend. And only getting to see him once a month Going to see you for a four hour visit driving for an a half hours and a 4 1/2 hour drive back home and that was just in my case I am sure there are million others suffering the same anxiety that I have dealt with for the last four years and since my son has to wait until 2018 before you get to see the pro board for the first time and not knowing whether or not the law reducing the 85% will benefit my son at all I pray to God that it does!
January 3, 2017
suzanne s. from Bronx, NY writes:
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cruel treatment. repeal. now
January 3, 2017
astrid v. signed.
January 2, 2017
Karen S. from Cheshire, CT writes:
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Bear baiting is disgraceful, inhumane and cruel! How is it allowed to continue in this day and age?